Film ID:
YFA 2239



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A film made by the Sheffield Photo Company, this is an example of a trick film involving two robbers who are being pursued by policemen.  The original nitrate is conserved in specialist conditions at the BFI. 

The film begins as two robbers clamber over a wall.  Trees are in the background.  They climb over a wall next to a house with boarded-up windows, which they fail to open.  One climbs on the back of the other, gets down, then both try to jump up.  One robber flies up to the window, forces it open, and a bag is thrown up to him.  He climbs in, and the second robber flies up to the window and climbs in. 

Two policemen scale the wall.  The policemen point up at the window, walk out of shot and return with a ladder.  One slides up it, followed by the second.  Each policeman wrestles with one of the robbers, rolling up the slope of the roof of the house and over the edge.  One robber, chased by a policeman, runs down the roof and fires a gun.  The second robber follows pursued by the policeman.  The four are seen from above climbing down a drainpipe, head first. 

A horse and cab come round the corner of a building (H. Hollingsworth, Importer of Wines and Spirits), followed by the two robbers one of whom carries a bag.  Jump-cut slightly to the left as robber holds up the cab with gun.  The driver gets out, and the robbers get in, riding off and firing a gun as they leave.  The two policemen run after. 

The cab travels backwards along the country road and is followed by the policeman running backwards.  The horse refuses to pull the cab, despite the robbers’ pleading.  The horse disappears, and the robbers get down and try to pull the cab themselves.  They abandon the cab and run off firing at the pursuing policemen. 

The four run backwards up a slope, then fight.  The two robbers run up a long flight of steps at the side of a building.  Jump-cut to the two policemen, who slide up the rail.  The four travel backwards over a stone wall with gate, and the policeman chase the robber backwards by a stream.  One of the policemen struggles with robber by a fallen tree and chases after him. 

Finally the policemen capture the robbers and struggle with them.  Jump-cut, and each of the robbers is a long way off, leaving the policemen baffled.  They resume the chase, and a robber fires a shot.  One policeman chases a robber over a bridge and towards the camera.  The robber falls, the policeman trips over him, and the robber starts to strangle him.  The other policeman follows up, having got hold of his robber.  He knocks out the first robber with his truncheon, and handcuffs the two together.  He picks up his colleague and they start to gather up the robbers.