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NEFA 17545



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An animated public information film made for primary schools in Gateshead to help encourage road safety. Produced following the tragic death of three small children in January 1945, children were required to learn the road safety "A-B-C" off by heart after seeing the film. A series of colour illustrations in a book provides an alphabet of do’s and don’ts of road safety.

Credit: Presented by the Gateshead Prevention of Accidents Committee.

Title: As Easy as A B C

Credit: A National Screen Service Production – Devised by Norman Cobb.

Credits: Commentator, Norman Shelley. Music by Cecil Woods. Illustrations by Gladys Jenkins. Colour by Technicolor.

A is for Accident. Illustration of a small boy who is lying in the road. A policeman is standing over him and a young girl is crying beside him.

B is for Beacon. Illustration of a red belisha beacon.

C is for Crossing. Illustration of a young boy and girl and a dog standing at a zebra crossing.

D is for Danger. Illustration of a young girl with a small dog skipping into the road as an older boy tries to stop her.

E is for Everyone. Illustration of five children standing together at a zebra crossing.

F is for Foolish. Illustration of a young boy following a butterfly in the middle of the road as a car approaches.

G is for Green Light. Illustration of a young boy and girl crossing a road with pedestrian lights on green.

H is for Hurry. Illustration of a young boy who has fallen down in front of a car. A young girl stands on the pavement.

I is for Injury. Illustration of a policeman leading a young girl with her arm in a sling through a garden gate.

J is for Jay Walk. Illustration of a young boy who is walking in the road surrounded by traffic.

K is for Kerb Drill. Illustration of four young children standing on the kerb looking left.

L is for Lights. Illustration of two children looking up at a set of traffic lights.

M is for Motors. Illustration of a number of vehicles on the road.

N is for Never. Illustration of two children playing ball in the road as a car approaches.

O is for Obey. Illustration of a lollipop man holding a sign that reads “Stop Children Crossing” as two children cross the road.

P is for Policeman. Illustration of a policeman halting traffic to allow a boy in school uniform to cross the road.

Q is for Question. Illustration of a small boy looking quizzical.

R is for Roadway. Illustration of a young boy stopping a girl from stepping into the road.

S is for Safety. Illustration of a red triangle road sign.

T is for Traffic. Illustration of two boys running out into the road from behind a lorry.

U is for Useful. Illustration of two young boys reading a book.

V is for Vehicle. Illustration of a van driving towards a young boy walking in the road.

W is for Waiting. Illustration of three young children standing at a zebra crossing.

X marks the Spot. An illustration of an X marking the danger of traffic accidents outside the school gates.

Y is for You. Illustration of a group of young boys playing football.

Z is the Last Letter: Illustration of the letter Z.

Illustration of a red triangle road sign on a country road. A page is turned and a closer view of the road sign appears.

Titles appear over close-ups of the road sign.

Title: Safety First.

Title: The Motto

Title: Both Night

Title: And Day.