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YFA 2493



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This film, produced by the Yorkshire Film Company Ltd, is part of the John Murray collection and follows David Brown Tractors of Yorkshire's products to the Far East. The film includes scenes from the flower making factories in Hong Kong to the tractors working on agricultural land.

Title-David Brown Tractors present

Title-Eastern Excursion, No. 7 of a series.

Title-Produced by the Yorkshire Film Co. Ltd, Huddersfield, England.

The film begins with a world map with Thailand and Hong Kong highlighted.

A small factory is full of Chinese people who are working on pressing machines, removing small little pieces of flowers and plants from the machines, while another person pours plastic pellets into the machines. The voiceover says they are manufacturing plastic flowers and toys in this factory. He continues on to say that most Chinese people want to own their own factories and the man who owns the plastic flower factory was no exception. There are shots of down town Hong Kong and a shot of the factory district.

The voiceover describes the flower making process and shows a man carrying out the first process. He makes a copy of a real leaf (or flower) by pressing it onto clay. The voiceover continues to say that China has very few natural resources, so they have learned how to make a large amount of cheap, plastic goods.

In another room in the factory, the workers assemble the flower pieces by pushing the flowers onto plastic stalks; there are close up shots of two women nimbly working on their task. Most of the flowers will be exported to the United States, where the bunches will sell for 30 cents each. There are shots of the many people working in the small room as well as the boxes and boxes of flowers ready for sale.

There are point of view shots taken from a tram which is driving up a hill on the Northern side of Hong Kong Island and looking out over the entire city.

The voiceover continues on to talk about the increase in the population from 500,000 after the World War Two to 3,500,000 now (1967) He says that land is very valuable and that the city is building upwards instead of outwards, and that often old or recent buildings are knocked down and re-built across, There is a shot of the mainland China border which is just down the road from the factory.

The next part of the film is about Singapore and the voiceover says it is a "must see" for all travellers who journey to the Far East. He says there are hundreds of Buddhist temples to visit, the women are the best looking in South East Asia, and Singapore has never been colonised.

There are shots of buildings, a woman and some boats being rowed on the water.

The voiceover continues on to say that one of their main exports is rice and that they export about a quarter of all that they produce. There are shots of the fields of rice and then the voiceover says that the farmers are quite well off in Thailand and that they own one or two tractors. There are shots of a farmer working the land.

There is a shot of another farmer who is walking along the rows of produce and checking them. The voiceover says that this farmer sells his produce to the American commissariat in Bangkok; this is followed by more shots of him and his workers on the land.

Title-The End