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YFA 6307



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This amateur film by Walter Gill shows a trip to Wharfedale in the Yorkshire Dales at Easter time.

Title: Easter in Wharfdale

Title: Easter 1980

A woman stands at the open front doorway of a house. A man puts some items in the boot of a car. Two women leave the house and walk towards the car parked in the road.

Travelling shot from the car heading through countryside, and passing by a ruined priory.

General views from the car follow as it drives through villages, roads with dry stone walls, hikers on the road, passing through the village of Kilnsey.

The car passes a large rocky outcrop looming over the road.

The film shows the three people from the car walking along a road towards the camera.

General views follows of a church and the surrounding hills, followed by closer views of the church and people milling around in the church grounds.

The film ends with a view of a rock strewn river.

Title: End