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YFA 1700



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This film contains very early images of the fairground entertainment on Shipley Glen in 1912.  Included are scenes of a wooden roller coaster and a broken down Helter Skelter. 

Title – Easter on Shipley Glen 

The film begins in Salts Mill, Victoria Road which is crowded by many pedestrians.  There are also trams and horse-drawn carriages.   

At the fairground, three women walk across the field.  There are other people about, and a few larger marquees have already been set up.  This is followed by a game where young men try to kick a football to hit the target.  There is also a brief shot of children on donkey rides.   

Many people get onto the tram.  It pulls two carriages packed with passengers through wooded terrain.  The tram travels in both directions.  More people wait on the platform.  They get onto a chair ride (the Aerial Glide), with chairs suspended above the ground and moving around suspended on cables. 

Next a wooden roller coaster ride has packed wagons running along it.  This scene is followed by some men and boys on horseback that are watched by a large crowd.  A number of people are on the street, most of whom stop and stare at the camera.  

A passenger boat with a steam engine comes down the River Aire and docks alongside the Boathouse at Saltaire.  There are many rowing boats which are docked there as well.  Back to the fairground, a merry-go-round spins, and the crowd waiting in front looks towards the camera.   

Title – The Wrecked Helter-Skelter  

There is footage of the debris of the wrecked helter-skelter.  Following this scene, there are people wandering in the Glen and by the riverbed.  The film closes with shots of the fairground showing one of the rides full of patrons and in operation.