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YFA 3320



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This is a film of Mr and Mrs Dickinson on holiday on the East Coast of Yorkshire, including Flamborough, Scarborough, Flamingo Land, Seahouses and Whitby. The film concentrates on views of the sea, wildlife, and the countryside.

The film begins overlooking the cliffs at Flamborough, with the rocky coastline and lighthouse. There are lots of small sailing boats out at sea. Mrs Dickinson walks along the harbour at Whitby. They take a boat ride along the coast, going past Scarborough, before filming from on top of Bempton Cliffs and at Scarborough before going onto the North York Moors, driving past the RAF Station at Fylingdales. They return to Whitby and the statue of Captain Cook, and down at the harbour with rough seas. They visit the Abbey and then tour the Castle at Scarborough, looking down onto the North Bay, the boats, the fairground and the harbour.

They then drive out into the North York Moors, passing a road sign for Troutside and Hackness, and filming the country lanes from the front of their car, before returning to Scarborough, with fishing boats in the harbour at dusk. They visit more ruins with a statue before travelling to Flamingo Land in Scarborough, with flamingos, peacocks and llamas. They then continue their tour through North and East Yorkshire, with Mrs Dickinson walking through fields of wheat near to Flamborough.