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YFA 1999



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The film shows a family enjoying the beach at Filey and Peasholm Park in Scarborough. There are also brief scenes in the family garden.

This film opens with two young children playing in the sand on Filey beach. One child crawls up and tumbles down the side of a sand mound, before the young girl follows suit. The young boy then plays with a ball (practically his size) and other children and people can be seen enjoying the beach in the background. The little boy and his mother then paddle in the shallows of the sea, before both the young children ride donkeys across the sand.

At Peasholm Park, Scarborough, a pan across a lake - where some row boats are idling - reveals a miniature railway train as it exits a tunnel carrying passengers. The train then goes past a model station, and one of the buildings has a sign the reads, 'Peasholm'.

Returning to the beach, the young toddler is riding a donkey with assistance from his father. As they pass, the next shot shows an expansive of the bay, which perfectly illustrates the busy day at the beach; a sprawling mass of deck chairs and children at play. Moving away from the beach, a young girl wearing a bonnet and dress pushed another young girl on a swing, before two other young girls sit on miniature stalls. More scenes show children playing on the grass; one boy pushes a small wheelbarrow towards the camera before - along with other children - crawling across the green. A slightly older boy, wearing a suit and tie, then plays a tiny white piano as a younger girl watches.

The next sequence shows more views of children playing on beach. The day appears to be slightly colder, as two children pose for the camera wearing thick coats. More shots capture the children on donkey rides, with one shot having a pier momentarily in view. The children then use shovels to dig up the sand, while their mother watches with a young baby sat in her lap. The woman bounces the baby on her knee. Views then show the children playing in a garden; they ride tricycles together and do forward rolls on the grass. The final shot shows them continuing to play on the grass.