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NEFA 21598



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A home movie by Victor Sidney Carman of a holiday to Suffolk begins with a railway journey followed by views of the village of Mendlesham. During his visit he records activities around the village as well as surrounding countryside including farmers work in the fields. The film also records visits to other nearby towns including Bury St Edmonds. The film ends with views from the train heading back home.

The film begins with a pair of hand flicking through a magazine or brochure. The film cuts to shows the magazine placed into undergrowth.

The film cuts to a train pulling out of a railway station and travels through the countryside before it arrives at a rural station. Two children stand on the platform as the train pulls away.

The film cuts to show views of the village of Mendlesham in. A man looks at the leaves on a tree, possibly an orchard. There are views of St Mary’s Mendlesham Church and a man riding away on a bicycle. Inside the church views of the alter and organ. Back at the railway station an empty platform.

In a garden a small child plays on a lawn. A man and two women stand chatting. A man plays with a number of dogs while a woman stands in the doorway of a house holding a baby. The family pose beside a motorbike and sidecar.

A woman leaves a house pushing a pram and walks through the village. Another woman joins her. General views of the various houses. A wooden sign about a doorway reads ‘Mendlesham Green Post Office’.

The film cuts to show ducks and ducklings by a pond. A family group stand and look at the pond. General views of cows in a field.

The film cuts to views of ornate buildings and pedestrians in a town. A man directs traffic at a road junction.
A man and young boy walk hand-in-hand towards the camera. A child sits in a pram in a garden. Two women and three small children pose for the camera beside a wall.

A tractor and trailer slowly drives through a field. The trailer is full of hay and two men stand on top holding pitchforks. General views of farmers in a field stacking hay from a conveyor.

A road sign reads ‘Bury St Edmonds’ followed by another sign featuring a coat of arms. General views of a visit to the town showing views of Bury St Edmonds Abbey followed by an ornate gardens and a house with a thatched roof.

In a garden two small children play watched over by two women. General view of a small village, probably Mendlesham. A man stands beside a tractor feeding chickens from a bucket while another man plays with a dog. Two men watch over two horses in a farm yard.

A sign on a railway platform identifies the station as Haughley. A train passes through. The film cuts to show traffic moving past a large building. On a railway platform, a woman and child watch a man hold a sheep.

Back in Mendlesham a postman delivers a package to two women standing in the doorway of a house with a thatched roof.  The film cuts to show lettering on the wall that reads ‘Mendlesham Village Hall’. More views around the village. A man stands in front of shop which has writing on window reading Lloyds Bank Limited.

In a field a farmer uses horses to pull a piece of farm equipment.

The film cuts to a phantom car ride along a country road and through a village. At a petrol station, an attendant looks at a car engine.  General views around Mendlesham and surrounding countryside.

A sign on a railway platform read ‘Thurston’ followed by a train pulling into the station. The sign appears again from the train as it pulls out of the platform. The film ends with views from the train travelling through the countryside.

Title: The End. City Films