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NEFA 21935



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A short student film, a homage to Blue Peter showing a pair of hands making a model of a stone house from the sleeve of a matchbox, Polly filler and paint. The film shows the five stages needed to create the model.

Title: An Early Stone House

The film begins on a view showing the various items required to build ‘an early stone house’ including a bag of Poly filler, glue and newspaper.

Title: Stage 1

A hand holds up a piece of card measuring 4 ½” by 3 ½”. The film cuts to show a pair of hands using a palette knife to open out a matchbox sleeve. Glue is pasted along one of the edges.

Title: Stage 2

The hands holds a strip of paper from an old edition of the ‘Radio Times’. The paper is scrunched into a ball and stuffing it into the gap made by the matchbox sleeve which has been stuck onto the piece of card seen at the beginning in the shape of a tepee.

Title: Stage 3

On to a silver tray, the hands spoons out Polly filler before adding a little water and mixes it with a palette knife. The film cuts to show the matchbox in a tepee shape being filled and covered with the Poly filler.

Title: Stage 4

Using a sharp pointed implement a doorway is cut into one end of the house. Grooves are cut into the Polly filler both around the doorway and along the sides representing brickwork.

Title: Stage 5

The film ends on the finished stone house now painted in blue and yellow with the base painted green to indicate grass.