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YFA 1403



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This is a film made by the Rev. David Simpson of an early music and medieval event at Beningbrough Hall and Gardens, a few miles north of York.

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An Early Music Extravaganza at Beningbrough Hall

On a sunny day a full orchestra of school children are playing in the grounds of Beningbrough Hall, with their conductor in historic costume. Other children and adults are also dressed in medieval costume. Visitors enter at the gate. A large group of spectators sit to watch a medieval mock battle of knights in armour with swords and shields, with the figure of death watching on. Visitors walk around the grounds where there are medieval performers and games for children, such as apple bobbing. Groups of children in historic costume and face masks perform English Country Dance. A man in a jester's costume performs for onlookers. There is stall showing period musical instruments. Two children have a 'pillow fight' sat on a wooden horse. Others are dressed as 17th century Puritans and in other strange costumes. Elsewhere a Mummers play is being put on. People sit on the grass having picnics. There is a Punch and Judy Show, sword dancers, a demonstration of stone masonry and other entertainment from the period.