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YFA 5936



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This is one of many films made by amateur filmmaker John (Jack) E Dyson of Leeds.  This is the first film in his collection, and experimenting with a new cine camera, Dyson captures footage of his family and local surroundings filming at Roundhay Park, Knaresborough and Scarborough.

Title – Early Adventures with Kam-Rah

Title – “Kam-Rah was a new member of the household and so it was only natural that he should meet the family and join us on our jaunts.”

Mrs Dyson comes out of her house, accompanied by her son, and gets into the family car.

Title – David, the youngest and most energetic of the group, wanted to take him to the park, for even at 14 months old he had the urge to show off.

They go around Roundhay Park look at the flowers and going around the pond, with David running on the grass with his mum and dad.

Title – Kam-Rah, tired already of having to watch the weird antics of parents and child, requests a change of scenery.  So we move to  . . . 

There is film of the viaduct over the River Nidd in Knaresborough, followed by the family out on a boat on the river.  

Title – Our new friend was not easily satisfied and after a few hours he again requested a change in scenery.  We headed for the coast.

The drive to the coast is filmed in part from the front of the car, at one point they are following two cyclists.

Title – Scarborough

There is a view overlooking the town's picturesque harbour, the Grand Hotel Scarborough and South Bay.  Next the family car is parked next to a caravan.  Mrs Dyson, a man and another woman are walking next to a pond, and there is a sunset over the caravan park.  David is toddling around the caravan and has a ride on a pony on the beach.  He then makes a sand castle and goes on a miniature train ride with his mum.

Back home, David, in a red outfit, is out in the garden, pushing a toy cart and joins his mum and the pet dog helping the gardener.  There is a shot of a calendar showing Saturday 6th (August?).  The family car is parked at the side of a road next to some fields having bales of hay.  Two adults are walking along, and the family are out in a field.  The film ends with David being having a bath.  (The notes that came with the film make reference to a Cragg Vale – name of their house?)