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YFA 465



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of his family holiday in Holland, with his wife, Grace, and two children, Rachel and John. They visit, among other places, Amersfoot, Amsterdam and Rotterdam; filming the local buildings, flower fields and people in traditional Dutch dress.

Title - Dutch Diary

Intertitle - The Rotherham A.N.S.A. party assembles - bound for Amersfoot

The film begins with a crowd of people gathered at a railway station, possibly Rotherham, where they board a train.

Intertitle - Early next morning

The party have arrived at a quayside, including a smartly dressed Rachel and John. Porters are handing the luggage. Out at sea on the ship, the 'Duke of York, Lancaster', a boy looks over the side. Grace, Rachel and John are on the ship, and then seen disembarking. Their car is being hoisted off the ship.

At another railway station porters again help with luggage. Rachel and John are joined by another young girl of similar age. They stand in the corridor of the train on its journey looking out of the window at the landscape they pass. Other passengers do the same. With the train standing at a station the party look out of the window for the camera. On the station there are advertising posters, including one for Suchard Chocolate.

Intertitle - Hosts and hostesses meet their guests at Amersfoot

They board a train: 'Compagnie Internationale des wagons-lits et des grands express europe' (sleeper train). At the end of their journey the party disperse into various cars and buses. The Chislett family go to their holiday house, with Rachel and John on the veranda.

Intertitle - Modern Amersfoot has wide open tree-lined streets

Grace, Rachel and their hostess are walking down the street where their house is, with John following. The hostess is then in a park with two small girls, looking at deer and fawn. Rachel and John ride bicycles around the street outside their house. They give rides on their bikes to other two children. A man and a boy play football in the street.

Intertitle - Around Spankenburg you find the Holland of the Picture Books

They film the town and local area, and the people, many wearing traditional costumes, riding bikes, or with horse and carts. Children are out playing, some looking at the camera. Two women are cleaning windows. There is a canal with boats, some being scrubbed. Three Dutch women in traditional dress pose for the camera smiling and waving, and showing off their clogs. They film the village streets and the view from a train as they pass by the countryside with windmills.

Intertitle - Impressions of Amsterdam

The area around the port is filmed, with ships, including passengers disembarking a ferry. They take a trip along a canal towards the city centre, where they do a tour. Grace, Rachel and John come out of a shop, 'Van Housen Chocolate Cocao Bon Bon Shop', crossing the road. They go on a trip along the canals, filming the scenes as they pass, going right out to the dock with its many ships. Back on land, they walk around the streets and look at the shops and a church.

Intertitle - Northward through Het loo to Gie thoorn

A car passes them down the street where the family are staying. They are next in a wood with deer. There is a road sign for Apelddorn and Arnheim, and they are next at Het loo Railway Station. On their journey they film the houses and windmills, a steam train and fields of crops. There are so also canals and a man punting on a boat on a canal. They leave a farm and get into their car (reg. L62284).

Back at their holiday house, their hosts join them in the garden, with the three children riding bicycles. They visit another town, with cobbled streets, canals and a castle.

Intertitle - Hundreds of matches are played on this ground in one day

Children are playing hockey on a field.

Intertitle - What are the bulb fields really like?

Flowers are being harvested in large fields and nurseries, with canals nearby. Grace, Rachel and John walk around the fields, and a pond, near to the sea front. They are next having a bacon and egg breakfast, before they look at more flowers and decorate the bonnet of their car with flowers.

Intertitle - 300 miles of other places from Doorn and Arnheim to Rotterdam

They continue on their journey, showing the local building, canals and fields. They visit the Imperial War Graves Commission Memorial Garden in Oosterbeck, Arnheim. They then take a small car ferry, arriving at Rotterdam where they film the streets, windmills and a church. They also visit the dock area, Rotterdam Cathedral and the statue of Erasmus. There are more canals, and a military parade passes through the city centre. The film finishes back at the port with a ship coming in to dock.

The End