Film ID:
NEFA 21982



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A short amateur film by John Martin Jackson that shows a number of trains coming into and out of Durham railway station. The film changes to show engineers working on a section of railway replacing the sleepers and track. The film ends on a diesel train parked over a bridge pulling a number of large wagons containing replacement sleepers and track.

The film opens on the platform of Durham railway station and the sign identifying passengers location. A view of Durham Cathedral changes to show a train crossing Durham Viaduct heading north towards the station.

From an elevated position an Intercity 125 train pulls out of Durham railway station heading north. From the track a second Intercity 125 heads south slowly pulling into the station and coming to a stop. The name plate on the engine reads ‘Edinburgh International Festival’.

The film cuts to shows a smaller commuter railway train standing on platform 2 of Durham railway station. The film fades to show a larger Intercity 125 travels past heading north along a different track.

A brief view showing a red sky changes to show railway engineers working on a section of track replacing concrete sleepers. A large crane on tracks works to assist, a diesel engine stands beside them on a different track hauling the wagons containing the replacement sleepers and track. Two workmen walk away along the track.

Another diesel engine stands beside a warehouse pulling a number of wagons. The film cuts to show a railway bridge crossing a small river in winter with snow lying on the riverbanks. The film ends on the train seen previously parked on the bridge carrying a number of wagons containing sections of concrete railway sleepers and track.