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NEFA 12536



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An amateur film produced by Durham Police Constabulary to promote Durham Police Cadets. The film shows both male and female cadets at Hardwick Camp, Sedgefield and taking part in various training and outdoor activities.

The film opens with an exterior shot of a wooden barrack building at Hardwick Camp, Sedgefield. A sign above the door reads; 'Bede'.

Title: Appointment.

Three men, a woman and a uniformed police officer walk along a path beside the barracks.

Inside an office the police officer and another man sit behind a desk talking with a older and younger man.

General views inside of a barrack room with three female cadets. One of the cadets is unpacking while the other two are chatting. Two teddy bears have been placed on one of the beds. Photos and a picture of Cliff Richards hang on the wall above one of the cadets bed.

Title: Education

General views of the exterior of Durham Technical College. 

In a classroom a group of male cadets are taught how to use a Theodolite. 

General views of another classroom where both male and female cadets sit reading. Some of the cadets are in uniform, others in civilian clothing.

Outside on an open piece of ground two groups of male cadets are taught how to use a Theodolite.

General views of the exterior of Durham Agricultural College.

The cadets are shown touring a farm and walking around fields containing sheep and cattle. Some of the male cadets are shown how to drive a tractor.

The film changes to a parade ground at Hardwick Camp where the cadets practice parading, marching and saluting in unison.

The cadets perform calisthenics and judo.

Title: Outdoor Activities.

General views of cadets crossing a chasm using a rope, climbing a steep embankment on a ropes ladder and absailing. An instructor shows a group of cadets how to read a map. General views of cadets hiking across moorland near Snod Hill in the North Yorkshire Moors. The radomes of RAF Fylingdales can be seen in the background.

The cadets drink mugs of tea beside a van.

General views of cadets getting onto a bus.

General views of the exterior of a manor house and a lake in hilly countryside.

Beside the lake the cadets are shown how to get into and paddle a kayak. They are then carrying their kayak onto the lake and paddling away.  One of the cadets falls out of his kayak and walks back onto the rocky shore.

A group of cadets pitch two tents beside the lake.

The cadets hike along a path beside the lake. Four of the cadets use ropes to climb a rock face.

Another larger group of cadets at the base of a a cliff use ropes to climb the rocky cliff face.

A group of cadets come out of a building. A sign above the door reads 'Boys Club'.

A sign on the side of a wall reads 'The Aln Boatyard'.

General view of cadets preparing yachts and then sailing on Alnmouth Bay in Northumberland. A yellow RAF Rescue helicopter hovers and flies overhead.

General view of the exterior and gardens of Harperley Hall near Crook.

Cadets march past a large tent where three men serve them food from a long trestle table.

General views of the cadets playing football near their tents.

General views of cadets in kayaks and swimming in a river.

Title: Attachments

A sign on the wall of a stable reads 'Durham County Constabulary Mounted Branch'

A cadet come out of a stable pushing a wheel barrel of manure.

A Smith works a horseshoe in the doorway of another stable. He is being watched over by a policeman.

An older man walks out of a stable leading a horse. Behind him follows a cadet. The policeman watching the Smith comes over and the three of them lead the horse across the paddock.

In a field the cadet mounts the horse and is lead a short distance by the older man. 

On his own the cadet leads the horse to walk backwards.

The film changes to show a cadet leading a dog on a short leach out of a building. A sign above the door reads: ' Dog Section'.

In a field the cadet is listening to a police Sergeant and watching a second man lead the dog across the field.

The cadet is given the lead of the dog and walks towards a set of hurdles. He orders the dog to jump the hurdles which it does.

General views of police dogs in kennels.

Two female police cadets walk toward and enter a large modern 1960s style police station.

Three cadets are shown how to ride motorcycles.

A sign on the rear of a car (Reg: LPT 163C) reads; 'Durham Police Advanced Driving Section'.

Two cadets and and an instructor look over the engine of a Morris Mini-Minor (Reg: AUP 323F). They all get into the car and one of the cadets drives the car slowly around a set of Ballard.

A white estate car (Reg: TUP 117E) drives into a yard and two men get out. At the rear of the car the men show a cadet pump-action spreader used in the rescue of people from cars.

Three young women come out of a building, one of them is carrying a metal box. They are watched over by three other women as the box is placed in the boot of a small estate car (Reg: 133 ELM). The car drives away.

One of the women walks up a path towards a house and knocks on the door. The three younger women follow behind.

On a military firing range three male cadets are shown by a number of soldiers how to use the L1Al Self-Loading Rife. They fire the guns down the range. They are then shown how to use and fire the Sterling submachine gun. They fire the guns at paper targets.

In a wood the cadets take part in a military orienteering exercise watched over by an army officer.

Title: Final Phase.

A group of cadets in dress uniform march onto a parade ground at Hardwick Camp. They get into formation and are inspected by an officer.

Standing to attention the senior officer salutes and is approached by three other senior officers who inspect the cadets.

The film ends with the cadets marching past one of the senior officers who is standing on a platform saluting them as they pass.