Film ID:
NEFA 22251



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Amateur footage of the Durham Miners Gala in 1953 including the crowds at the Old Racecourse, gathering at the Cathedral for the special service and general views shot from Durham Cathedral tower. 

The film begins with general views of crowds gathered on Silver Street, some carrying banners, for the march to the racecourse.

Portrait shots of a family enjoying ice cream wafers at the racecourse, joking and sharing licks of the ice creams with each other. The family picnic on the racecourse, some of the girls wearing frilly bonnets which were a popular buy at the event in the 50s. General view from the back of the crowd listening to the speeches at the racecourse, a politician glimpsed on the distant stage, which could be Clement Attlee. Group shot of the family walking towards camera together in a line, some of the women and girls wearing the filly bonnets. 

People mill around the Horden Lodge banner depicting A J Cook, Peter Lee, and Robert Smilie. Portrait shot of a woman posing beside the banner.

The crowds are picnicking at the racecourse, the banners lined up at the edge of the field. [This sequence contains speeded up film.]

Back around the Cathedral, police are patrolling on horses. Some of the crowds, brass bands and banners are assembling in Palace Green.  A priest leads a group with the Langley Park Lodge banner, a brass band following on behind.

Views follow from Durham Cathedral tower of the racecourse, the assembly in Palace Green, areas of Durham City, crowds crossing Old Elvet Bridge. 

Then we're back on the packed streets, a clock showing the time as 4:50pm. Banners slowly make their way through the streets along with the crowds.