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NEFA 20171



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An amateur film compilation by Bill Sones showing the Durham Miners' Gala as well as home movie footage around Durham of family life and day trips.

The film opens with a view of two men and three women strolling in a garden. A baby in a yellow top plays on a blanket outside the back door of a house. A couple play with the baby.

General views of the exterior of Coventry Cathedral.

General view of Durham Castle and cathedral as seen from the River Wear.

Two older women stand outside a terraced house, one woman is scrubbing the steps.

A man holds the baby seen previously.

A large crowd walk along Saddler Street in Durham City. The Lampton Lodge miners banner passes followed by a group of young girls skipping and dancing at the head of a procession. Behind the girls a bagpipe band marches past. A large police horse holds the crowds back.

The film changes to show a jet passenger aircraft taxi, take off and then land.

General views of a family having a picnic on the side of a road next to their parked car.

General views around a large formal garden.

Travelling shots of mountains and valleys.

Exterior shot of a large building with a sign over the door that reads "Springfield Hotel".

Two women push a small child in a push chair along a street. A man rakes the soil in a garden before laying seeds. A family group stand in the doorway of a large house.

General view of Raby Castle with the lake in the foreground.

General views of lakes and countryside as seen from a moving bus. A number of people people walk up the driveway. A large sign in the driveway reads "Bushfield Hotel".

The film ends with a view of the skyline of Durham city at sunset.