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YFA 6304



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This amateur film by Walter Gill and friends records a coach trip to the historic city of Durham to enjoy a wealth of famous landmarks including Durham Cathedral, the market square, and the castle.

Title: Durham Again, 1979

A traveling shot through the window of a coach shows Durham Cathedral in the distance. As the vehicle approaches the city, more views of the cathedral are revealed, followed by a brief view of the castle.

In the market square, Margaret Gill, dressed in a blue dress and sun hat, is seated at the base of the statue on a plinth of the Marquess of Londonderry.  Here, people are milling around in the square around the statue.  Her companion, a young man in a suit, glances around and lights a cigarette. Walter Gill, the bearded man wearing a baseball cap, looks around the square.

A group of people walk up the cobbled street towards Palace Green. In Palace Green, people head towards the cathedral’s main entrance, including the woman in blue and her companions. The camera moves to a full view of the central tower of the cathedral.

A young man wearing wide flared ‘70s trousers and platform shoes walks onto the north west tower of the cathedral where people are enjoying the panoramic view of the City of Durham and beyond. The young man in the suit films through the tower battlement crenels. 

A general view from the tower follows of the roofs of various buildings in the city centre and a roundabout on one of the perimeter city roads. Another view shows the castle buildings, and the buildings alongside the River Wear. More views show the cityscape and one of the twin towers, the weir on the river, and the buildings and streets surrounding the cathedral.

Title: End