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NEFA 21494



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An amateur film made by Milton Newton of the 70 mile Dunston C.C. Road Race through the Tyne Valley starting from Blaydon. The film begins with riders preparing for the start of the race. This is followed by views of riders travelling towards Stocksfield, Blanchland, Edmundbyers, Shotley Bridge and back towards Blaydon. The film ends with cyclists crossing the finish line watched by spectators and relaxing after the race. 

The film begins with two men in sun glasses and riding gear walking along a road. On the back of one of the men’s jersey’s in written ‘Tyne Velo’. General views follow of riders along a busy road waiting for the road race to begin. A young woman in pink shorts stands on the pavement watching. Two other young women sit on a wooden fence.

The film cuts to show a car with caravan overtaking the riders at the edge of the road. More traffic moves along the busy road as the riders slowly get underway.   

Riding at speed the cyclists travel along a straight section of road followed behind by a small van. One rider is out in front as they pass a row of terraced houses. As they do a group of men are seen walking along the path in the opposite direction. The cyclists come around a corner at speed followed by the van.

The film cuts to a section of straight country road taken by the riders. As they approach an incline in the road they slow and are seen pedalling harder. The film cuts to show them descending around another curved section and down a hill past a Morris Minor car parked on the kerb with its boot open.

They pass through a village past a red telephone box and local shop. The film cuts to show them turning right at a junction and then left passed a number of spectators.

General views of a pack of ten riders travelling along a country road. This is followed by two riders travelling along the same section followed by the rest of the pack with the van travelling behind them. Two men on a motorbike are following beside the final pack. A lone rider travels past a number of houses along a country road.

At the finish a white line has been painted on the road. A number of spectators watch as a lone rider approaches and crosses the line. He is followed by the next two riders, they in turn are followed by six more.

In a suburban street with their bikes leaning against garden fences the cyclists rest, have a drink and chat. They all look tired.

Back at the finish line general views follow of the other riders as they cross the line and rest after the race. Three men stand in the road chatting and shake hands. A woman leans against the frame of a bicycle. Two young women stand on the pavement. A Teddy boy in the distance combs his hair.

A woman and small child cross the road as one of the cyclists approaches them. The film ends with the man picking up the child.

Title: The end