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NEFA 21626



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An amateur film made by Betty Cook showing the building and opening of a Dunlop Company Ltd and India Tyres factory, possibly near Middlesbrough. The film shows the construction of both the factory units and office block, and the official opening on the 16th January 1969. A Nobles Transport articulated lorry delivers tyres to the factory and the film ends with a young boy, Martin Cook, coming out of the industrial unit pulling a fibreglass Dunlop green groundhog toy.

The film begins with views of a building site beside a piece of waste ground. The steel frame of a number of large factory units cuts to show the brickwork now installed around them.

General views show both exterior and interior views of both the factory units as well as the single storey office block still under construction.

The film cuts to a corridor of the new office block and a sign on a door that reads ‘enquiries’. General views inside the office and of the corridor from the office. Outside general views of the now completed office block and factory units.

In a large room, a group of smartly dressed men stand around chatting. Food and drink are laid out on a long table beside them. A sign on a wall reads ‘The Dunlop Company Ltd. India Tyres Ltd’.

The film cuts to an exterior view of the office building with cars parked in the car park and a lorry parked at one of the factory loading bays.

Back inside, a group of men in dark suits chat over drinks. A number of them pose for the camera. They are joined by Betty Cook.

Outside, a Nobles Transport articulated lorry is parked in the loading bay of the factory. Men unload tyres from the back of the lorry into the factory. In an office, a man looks through some paperwork. General view of tyres stacked up on the factory floor. A man closes and locks the rear door of the Nobles Transport lorry which then drives away from the factory.

Signage about the entrance to the factory building reads ‘Dunlop India’. The rolling doors of the factory open and a young boy, Martin Cook, comes out pulling a green fibreglass Dunlop groundhog toy, which he pulls around the car park. The film ends with a sports car pulling up outside a building.