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YFA 3635



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In this amateur footage we see the ships Dunera and Bacon in 1977, families and sailors on board the ships and passengers playing on the ship's decks. Children play in the swimming pools on deck and dolphins are seen swimming along side the Bacon ship.

The Dunera London is anchored at the docks with a British Commonwealth flag at full mast and many lifeboats line the decks of the ship. Crowds of families with children stand in line to board the ship and a sailor shows a girl how to put on her life jacket with spectators watching the demonstration.
On board the ship as it sails away the docks move into the background and sailors go about their jobs on deck securing ropes and riggings. Another boat is seen on the horizon as families walk about the deck with cameras past the luggage storage. Groups of people walk about the deck looking over railings and at the lifeboats on board. As spectators look on a group of children play hockey on the top deck. The Dunera has docked next to other boats in the harbour.

On board the Bacon boats are moving around the harbour as others are anchored. A sailor walks down the corridor of the ship checking the pipes as other sailors wash the decks with large hoses. Two girls walk about the corridors and take a seat overlooking the railings of the boat. A large group of people are gathered wearing their life jackets. Aboard the Bacon sailors go about maintenance work on the ship washing the walls and testing equipment. Children play in the swimming pool on the top deck with people relaxing on deckchairs. Several men stand over the railings with drinks in their hands. Through a port hole in the ship land can be seen on the horizon. As the ship moves closer the passengers lean over the railings to look at the buildings and boats that surround the harbour. A large building is approached with a sign 'VIGO'. The buildings that surround the shore are visible as a journey is taken to the top of the city. Groups of families pose for photographs with the landscape in the background. Aboard the ship groups of children walk together and look out at the sea rolling past the ship. Other children are playing in the swimming pool. A large ship can be seen on the horizon as a group of men play hockey on the main deck. Another shoreline is coming in to the view of the passengers on the top deck. Over the railings dolphins are swimming next to the ship.