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YFA 4517



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This film documents the Duke of Kent's visit to Bishopgrath, West Yorkshire constabulary training school, where he meets some of the residing constables, is given a tour the facilities and inspects the highly specialised equipment.

The film opens with a sign that reads 'Leeds & Bradford - Airport'. The next shot captures the airport, where several planes are parked on the tarmac. Again the sign for 'Leeds & Bradford - Airport' is shown. A shot then shows a West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police Trailer. A propeller passenger plane is then shown taxing along the runway before coming to a halt. Several dark cars pull up beside the plane, and outsteps the Duke of Kent, met by several senior officials and police officers. There is then a close up of the Rolls Royce emblem with a Union Jack draped around it. The Duke of Kent then enters the car along with another man before driving away.

The next sequence opens with a sign that reads 'Bishopgrath. West Yorkshire constabulary training school. Reception. Car Park'. A female police officer is then captured cleaning the door of a police car. There are then shots of an adolescent girl helping a friend with a life jacket, and a young boy cooking in a field by several tents.

A senior policeman then walks past the camera followed by several guests, who wait for the Duke of Kent. The Dukes car then arrives, and he steps out whilst a crowd line the side of the road. The Duke is then introduced to various senior police staff, and inspects a constable unit who stand in formation; he walks up and down the rows, talking to several of the men.

Views capture the exterior of the Police headquarters. There are then interior shots of a mobile trailer unit, which has radios, telephones and typical household facilities. There is also a close ups of some forms and a large wireless log book.

The Duke of Kent is then led by two senior officers through the parking lot and past the camera. There are then shots of an incident simulation, where Policeman holding shotguns take cover behind walls, surrounding a building. The Duke of Kent then hands a rifle back to a senior officer, while others stand around watching. More important guests are shown around. The next passage captures a man standing outside a trailer, which in the next shot, is shown to have 'West Yorkshire Constabulary Catering division' printed on the side. Inside, chefs are busy at work in a long thin kitchen.

The Duke of Kent walks past the catering trailer towards some parked squad cars which are about to demonstrate their capabilities; one officer sits in a Land Rover squad car and raises a hydraulic police siren into the air. The Duke shares a joke with a policeman and asks him a question about the cars, while a small group of people can be seen waiting behind.

The Duke of Kent continues to inspect the squad cars, before talking to some police motorcycle riders, canine handlers and officers on horseback. The Duke of Kent is then shown a police sail boat and people stand around in life jackets; there are also police camping and rock climbing equipment on display.

In a courtyard, officers line up in formation preparing for a march as the Duke of Kent moves past the camera. There is then a sequence which shows the Duke being shown a gymnasium; officers in white gym outfits wrestle on a mat and perform gymnastics as they vault a pummel horse.

The next passage begins with some exterior views of the training academy buildings. The Duke, escorted by an officer, enters a building which has a plaque that reads 'Lecture theatre classrooms'.

Surveillance equipment is the next showpiece; several video cameras, manned by cameraman, transmit the recorded images to a surveillance van, which has and audio and visual recording equipment. The surveillance crew are filming a scene of an accident where two cars have had a head on collision. Many officers stand round watching the demonstration and a man is led around the car, before a police car arrives.

The Duke of Kent then emerges from a building to watch the demonstration; photographers take pictures of the scene while other officers take statements from the acting parties. An actor is then breathalysed by an officer and a large group of people gather around, before the man is led away to the squad car. Senior officers form a circle around the Duke, talking. The Duke is then led away and there are shots of the Duke's travelling party.

The Duke of Kent's vehicles then arrives at another police headquarters site. Close ups show buttons and dials of a command console. The filmmaker then captures the control room, where the Duke of Kent stands above several officers wearing headsets sit at their desks, and he is talked through the operations by a senior officer. More close ups capture the various controls and maps, and this is followed by more shots of the control room, which is perhaps a 999 response centre.

The next sequence opens with a shot of a sign that reads 'West Yorkshire constabulary driving school'. The Dukes party are lead through a garage area, and this shot captures their formal fashions as they walk towards the camera. A police motorcycle then leads a Rolls Royce into the garage area, followed by squad cars, one of which the Duke of Kent is riding in. The Duke exits from the police car and shakes the hand of an officer, before heading inside the building.

There are the various shots of some mechanics of old police vehicles, before a sequence shows a white car performing stunt manoeuvres outside the building. The Duke then enters the white car and is taken for a drive to show the manoeuvres police drivers must become familiar with, including hand brake turns and power slides. The Duke then gets into the driving seat to have a go himself; he drives round the course which is outlined by cones.

The final few shots show the Duke of Kent saying goodbye to a senior official before getting into his Rolls Royce and driving away. A plane is then shown taxing to the Runway before take-off.