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Made by the Impossible Theatre group, this film tells the story of two superheroes who uncover a dangerous mob, lead by the Hollywood film industry, who plot to steal the creativity from the Bamforth films.  The film was made by a group of local teenagers working to develop the filmmaking ideas pioneered by Bamforth of Holmfirth.  The movie has many features in common with the early silent films which were their inspiration including humour, physical comedy, simple camera tricks, cross-dressing, and local talent. 

After creative sessions with local teenagers, we made a film inspired by the First movies shot in Holmfirth.

The pioneering ‘Bamforth Short’s’ were made over 100 years ago at the very dawn of the movie era.

Dudey Movie.

Title – By 1898 James Bamforth was producing films for international distribution from his studios in the West Yorkshire village of Holmfirth.  Meanwhile, Hollywood was just a one-horse, dirt track, tumbleweed town.  For some this has always been too much to bear…

(Bamforth Archive Film)  The film opens with boys sliding in the snow.  The image is displayed inside a picture frame.  A face surrounded by lights breaks through the frame. 

Title – Dudey Movie.

Two children dressed as superheroes run in slow motion and fast speed towards the camera.  By day, these two superheroes are just regular boys.  A boy with glasses and a boy lying on the sofa are both in a cartoon living room.  One of them runs around the sofa and does star jumps in front of the other boy.  He also hides behind the sofa and does press ups in speeded up motion.

Another one of the boy students is dressed as a woman wearing a pink coat and blond wig.  The mother character stands in front of cartoon kitchen scene.  She hears the telephone ringing and walks into the living room to pick up the telephone.  The woman goes to pass the phone to the boy lying on the sofa, but the other boy who has been running around grabs it from her.  She shakes her head and walks off.  Shocked by what he hears on the other end of the phone, the boy mouths “Oh My God!”  The two boys stand up, look at each other then to the camera several times, fling their arms out in the air, and morph into superheroes.

The villain of the film, a face surrounded by lights, appears on the top of a microphone.  The superheroes jog out of the cartoon house and get into a yellow car, one seated behind the other.  The one with the black mask drives the car, and the one with a gold mask sits in the back of the car on the telephone.

Using a simple camera trick, cartoon sets are intercut with live action perform by the actors:  A yellow and blue toy car travels along a cartoon street set.  The boy in the black mask turns the car quickly causing them to lean from side to side.  A yellow and blue toy car travels along a cartoon street set.  The driver of the car breaks suddenly screeching to a halt.

The villain and head of the Hollywood operation is on a stage.  Two boys dressed in suits hover onto the stage and put make up onto the face.

Cartoon factory building (Bamforth – Danger Keep Out).

The two superheroes run up to the factory and look at each other thinking of an idea before reaching for plungers and ropes.  The boy in the black mask jumps onto the building and walks up the side using the plungers.  Still on the ground, the other boy wearing the gold mask gives him two thumbs up.  The boy with the black mask throws the length of rope down to the boy with the gold mask who begins to climb.

Inside the factory and hidden behind a stack of boxes, the superheroes look onto the factory floor.  Many people are working on the ground floor and two balcony levels.  On the wall is a large screen that is being zapped with a beam.  The workers in the factory pass each other orange tubes.  Still hidden, the two superheroes continue to watch the workers.  A variety of glass containers, with different colours inside them, are passed a long the line of workers.  Five workers are mixing different chemicals at a table.

One of the workers holds up a piece of 8mm film while another starts a projector.  The film travels through a series of machines until it reaches a television screen which displays one of the Bamforth films, Women’s Rights.  A worker takes a special vacuum gun which sucks the images from the screen.  The film images travel through other machines and has liquids added to it.  An alarm sounds, and all the workers stop what they are doing to gather together in front of the large screen.  The face surrounded by light appears on the screen and speaks to the workers.

Title – “Together!  We will suck the creativity… From the Bamforth’s movies, so that no one can deny… That Hollywood was the FIRST to make the magic moving pictures.”

The mob begins to cheer.  The superheroes sneak out of their hiding places and tamper with the machine changing the cycle to “Reverse.”  A siren sounds, and the face surrounded by light orders the mob to catch them.

A comic fight scene begins as the mob tries to attack the superheroes.  The heroes bash the villains into each other, trip them up with their feet, and tie them up with ropes.  The face surrounded by light looks on in horror and then rolls off the stage and bounces away.  It is followed by the two floating men in suits.  The fight between the mob and the heroes continues as one of the heroes picks up a villain and swings him around on his shoulders before knocking them all to the ground.

The heroes collect the Bamforth films the mob had been using and carry them away in a box labelled “Bamforth’s Film Archive.”

Back at home, the mother is sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper.  The front page headline reads, “Lights, Camera, Action! Creative Super kids save film (some more small text).”  There is also a photograph of the two heroes.  The mother turns to the two boys and asks them,

Title - Why can’t you do something useful like those two?
The two boys look at each other and laugh.

Credits – Each of the children sit in front of a colourful back ground and take masks away from their faces as their names are held up on a piece of paper. Hannah, Jack, Tom, Josh, Nino, Alex, Emil, Joe, Rose, Ella, Pipa, Anna, Beth, Rob, Alex, Jenny, Athena, George, James,
Production Team
Tim Copsey, Charlotte Diefenthal, Jane Revitt, Chris Squire, Andy Wicks.
Thanks to
The Watershed for assisting Dudey Movie.
Shabang Theatre Adventures for the used of the black and white costumes and special props.
Supported by
Heritage Lottery Fund
Arts Council England
Kirklees Met, Council
Impossible Theatre Participatory Arts Events.
The Dudey Movie 2006-08

Additional information:  Extras on the DVD include “About the Project,” a feature showing where the students gained their inspiration, pre production research, and making of the film.  There are also One Minute Wonders:  “Bamforth’s Early Films” a montage of Bamforth films, “Dudey Movie workshop” showing the exercises the group went though in order to put the film together.