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YFA 1969



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This film is an instructional film which explains the basic workings of a car as illustrated by a woman who is learning to drive.  The film was sponsored by Jack Clare Driving School in Sheffield. 

Title – Drive with Clare
Camera:  Ian Gillott
Production:  John Mottershaw
Direction:  Alec Dalby 

The film opens on a sunny day with two women driving in an open-top Ford Consul across the Derbyshire moors.  They stop and have a picnic by a stream.  The commentary explains that it is not necessary to understand how a car works to drive it, but it helps.   

In the next scene, there is a shot of a model car stripped down to reveal its working parts.  The engine and drive shaft are explained.  There is a white mini with the Jack Clare Driving School badge on the side of the car, and the male instructor is standing by.  The woman gets into the car, and the fuel pedal is explained through an analogy comparing it to turning up the gas of an oven.  A group of men push a car along a road.  Then, the woman begins to work the pedals and gearstick, the gears and clutch being explained.  The clutch is shown in operation and taken apart to show the plate and springs.  The woman drives along a road and performs an emergency stop.  The handbrake is demonstrated and various parts of the dashboard are shown.   

The film then emphasises that ‘Safe Drivers Have Good Manners,’ with visual reminders on how to enter the car safely including:  seat adjustment, ensuring the door is properly shut, handbrake is on, gear in neutral and mirrors adjusted.  The woman then drives off down a Sheffield street in a Ford Classic.  The film closes with a shot of the front of the Jack Clare driving school.  

Closing credits:  ‘Sponsored by Jack Clare school of motoring, 629-631, Abbeydale Road, Sheffield 7’  
‘An MCF Production, Mottershaw Commercial Films Sheffield’