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NEFA 19844



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Home movie produced by Dr H. Brenton Porteous of Dr Harry Wilson's wedding in 1928, a GP doctor from Osborne Road, and scenes from a visit to Berwick upon Tweed with good footage of a disappearing method of traditional salmon fishing on Goswick sands.

Title: Cinema Record

Title: Events. Places. Interests.

Title: Dr Wilson’s Wedding. Aug 1928

Title: Bridegroom

The film opens with various shots of the bridegroom in formal wedding wear of tailcoat and top hat, a woman with large bouquet, and family generally dressed for the wedding, outside a house in Osborne Road, Jesmond in Newcastle. The groom gets into a car bound for church.

Title: Bride. Bridesmaid. Page.

There are various shots of the pageboy, bride and bridesmaid, in their wedding outfits, outside the bride’s home.

The bride and her father pose for the camera. She gets into the wedding car with her father. The arrival at the church is filmed, with a smiling portrait with her father, the bride and other guests arriving and walking through a crowd of onlookers towards camera. There is some shaky footage of the bride as she approaches.

Two vicars pose outside the church door.

There is a shot through an arch of the bride, her father and the pageboy.

Various informal shots of guests, bride and groom, and a group portrait follow. A man puts a poster on the back of the wedding car, which reads: ”Aisle. Altar. Hymn.”

Portrait shots of a woman with a bouquet and the bridegroom putting on his top hat. The bride gets into the wedding car, which drives off decorated with ribbon and a “Just Married” sign, a large crowd in the road behind.

Title: Berwick on Tweed

View down a street in Berwick on Tweed, pan across Berwick Bridge (Old Bridge) across River Tweed, shot from Royal Border Bridge and ending with view north of pedestrians on this bridge.

View downhill of cobbled street in Berwick, possibly Hide Hill.

The next shot pans the length of Royal Border Bridge to the north bank, a steam train crossing the Royal Border Bridge railway viaduct in the background.

There are further shots of main streets in the town. A banner advertising “Monte Blue” hangs across the street outside the Playhouse.

The next sequence documents the unloading of sacks of salt (?) from a steam cargo ship moored on a Berwick quayside, a horse-drawn cart standing by as transport for the goods. Shots of the workers helping to bag and winch the sacks from the ship to dockside include an overhead view down into the ship’s hold where both women and men are working.

Looking from the quayside at Berwick harbour, a small tourist boat sails by, with the pier lighthouse in distant background.

A woman in cloche hat is helped into a small ferry boat on the Tweed river. There are travelling shots from the ferry ride of the cargo steamship docked in the harbour, a low angle shot up towards the workers and horse-drawn cart for haulage seen previously. A teenage boy is sitting with one of the ferrymen at the rear of the boat. Various shots from the boat also focus on river traffic, riverside Berwick and the bridges spanning the River Tweed.

Title: Salmon Nets. Goswick.

The following sequence records a traditional method of salmon fishing using a type of fly net, formed of scaffold structure of twine, poles and nets, staked near the sea shore at Goswick. Fishermen are seen working on the structure during rough seas, erecting, climbing over the ropes to visit the nets, and hauling the salmon catch onto the beach. On the beach, a horse and cart stand ready to take away the catch. Shots include fishermen balanced on the structure, collecting the salmon, roping them to be collected later, and a close-up of thirteen salmon laid out on the sand.

On a calmer day, with the tide out, fishermen are mending the nets.