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YFA 4938



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This is one of a collection of films of the family of Queensbury doctor Dr Allan Glenn at home (Innisfree) in Queensbury and Little Horton, and on holiday, in the 1940s.  This film includes visits to Scarborough and Filey.

(Col.)  The film begins showing a wide river with a bridge going over it.  Tugs are pulling a large naval ship, possibly at Plymouth.  A line of men are looking out to sea.  The film switches to a lido next to the sea, followed by a seafront with a lighthouse, then to a busy narrow street with an old building with a clock bridging the street at Totnes.  There are shops for Lennards and Bromings and colonnades.  There is a park on the seafront with fountains, followed by a row of old thatched cottages and cliffs, possibly at Babbacombe.

Then onto Banbury town centre where traffic is going around Banbury cross.  A headstone is shown close up in a church grave yard, possibly that of William Shakespeare at Stratford-upon-Avon.  Then there is a lake in a park with a fountain, still in Stratford-upon-Avon.  Then the film moves to the cliffs at Scarborough, with a rainbow, and Peasholme Park.  A couple walk around a garden on a blustery day.  A black dog, Laddie, plays with a ball.  Then we see fishermen bringing in their catch at Filey.  A large crowd have gathered to see a wedding, with three bridesmaids posing for the camera.  The bride arrives with her father.  The family, including Mr and Mrs Robertshaw, and Jeane and Frank, and guests leave the church after the service.

The film switches to show a baby crawling on a blanket on a lawn, possibly in Little Horton.  She is joined by her mother, and is then held by her father. The two of them hold her as she takes her first steps.  They try to sit her on the dog, and other family members join in, including a boy who gives her a flying angel.

(B&W) (1945) film switches to London, showing the Thames opposite Parliament, as seen from Westminster Bridge.  Then the cenotaph is filmed from Whitehall, opposite the Commonwealth Office, with buses passing by and a truck for Southern Railway.  Wreaths are being laid.  Then Number 10 Downing Street, Horse Guards Parade, Trafalgar Square, Admiralty Arch, Westminster Abbey and Windsor.  The film finishes showing the pet dog Laddie in the garden with a plate in his mouth.

The End

There is a short break before returning.

(Col.) 1950  A boy and a girl, Jeanne and Glen, are in a garden playing with Laddie.  Then the film switches to show three women, including Miss Broadly, walking with two dogs on a seafront.  Couples are dancing at an open air raised wooden dance floor at Blackpool.  Many of the women are dancing together.  The family leave their hotel with dad clutching his small daughter’s teddy bear.  Then there is a street lined with people, some waving union jacks, as a police motorcycle escorts the Royal car, after which the crowds disperse.  A Welsh flag flies from a street lamp, possibly at Innisfree. It then switches to show two women and a man in a garden.

(B&W)  (1948)  A church nestles in a valley, before we switch to show a large church or cathedral, possibly in Bath. The cathedral is shown in close up, next to timber framed buildings, one of which forms a bridge over a moat.  Then it switches to show large scale excavation taking place against a landscape of tall chimneys.  Next there is a church and then a street with young people on bicycles, possibly Oxford.  Following this are some streets of old Elizabethan houses, possibly in Stratford-upon-Avon, as the film comes to an end.