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YFA 4939



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This is one of a collection of films of the family of Queensbury doctor Dr Allan Glenn at home (Innisfree) in Queensbury and Little Horton, and on holiday, in the 1940s.  This film includes visits to Filey and Lister Park in Bradford.

The film begins showing a wide street, with cars parked in the middle of the road, and signs for east bound traffic and for south bound traffic. There are tennis courts in a park.  Then to a crowded beach with a long pier, possibly in Bournemouth.  People are in deck chairs and making sand castles, before we return to the park, which has lots of visitors.  A bay is full of small boats, possibly at Dartmouth.

The film switches to show horses in a field by a road where people are camping, possibly at the New Forest. There is the Blue Lagoon.  There is a very brief look at birds at Paignton Zoo, then on to show grain being loaded at some docks.  Holidaymakers are sunning themselves outside their hotel on the Isle of Wight.  People are out in rowing boats, and there is a model steam train with passengers.  There is a church with a tall steeple, and another smaller church with a clock tower.

They do a tour of Rugby, showing the statue to Thomas Hughes at Rugby School, showing the School and its grounds, as well as the local streets and shops. They walk down ‘Church Walk’, near a church.  Then they are back home at Little Horton with their pet black dog. There are houses and streets covered in snow.  Then on to a Corpus Christie ceremony, with a children’s procession out of a church and down a street, the girls in white dresses.  One girl poses for the camera, dancing around in her white dress.

The film switches to show flower beds in Lister Park where there is a flower display for the 50th Anniversary of the scouts.  The film shows lots of flowers before a parrot (Timmy), and then a group of people sitting outside a hotel. A man walks along the sea front at Filey.  Three children ride along on ponies and there are rough seas.  There is a brief view of the beach before the film comes to an end.