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YFA 4942



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This is one of a collection of films made by Queensbury doctor Dr Allan Glenn of his family at home (Innisfree) in Queensbury and Little Horton, and on holiday in the 1940s.  This film includes a family wedding and a trip to Northern Ireland.

The film begins with a calendar showing Thursday, 11th April, 1940.  Two women stand in a doorway, followed by the bride (Pam) and her father.  Then the two bridesmaids pose for the camera.  The bride gets into a car and then arrives at St Peter’s Church.  Two naval officers stand in the church doorway, and then the newlyweds emerge, the groom also wearing a navy uniform.  Family and guests follow them, on a blustery day, and they gather around as photographs are taken.  The bride poses with six of the naval officers.

Intertitle – Giant’s Causeway

A woman, a boy and a man walk along the coast and over the Causeway.

Intertitle – City Hall Belfast

The City Hall is shown, as well as some busy streets.

Intertitle – Bangor

A street looking down onto the sea is shown, and then some boys clambering over rocks at the coast.

Intertitle – July 12th Orange Day

The Parade is shown walking through the streets of a town, with banners and bands, and with crowds lining the route.

Intertitle – Helen’s Bay

There is a very brief view down onto the bay.

Intertitle – Old Crocks Race

Vintage cars race along a road in the rain, lined with contemporary cars.  This is followed by another event on a different date at a different place, with people on horseback wearing cowboy outfits and a horse and cart carrying a band advertising a circus.  They are escorted by lots of local children.

Intertitle – Fountains Abbey

The Abbey and surroundings are shown, and they walk around the ruins.

Intertitle – Cockington, Torquay

Visitors walk around the quaint village.

Intertitle – Paignton and Stoke Gabriel

A rough sea is shown battering the coast, followed by views over countryside and a woman walking through a church graveyard, having a clock tower, situated next to a river.

Intertitle – Dartmoor to Dartmeet

A couple walk along a river near an old stone bridge.  Three men and a woman clamber among the rocks in the fast flowing river. We then see ponies out on the moors.

Intertitle – Bath

They do a tour of the sites in Bath, showing the Bridge, the Abbey and the Roman Baths, from the inside as well as the outside.

Intertitle – Stratford-upon-Avon

We see down Henley Street, opposite Shakespeare’s House.

Intertitle – Kenilworth

They take a look around Kenilworth Castle.

Intertitle – Litchfield

They take a look around Litchfield Cathedral, showing in close-up the main doorway.

Intertitle – Windsor. Nell Gwynne’s House.

The House is shown.

Intertitle – And the Cooked House

This too is shown.

Intertitle – Back to London

A crowd has gathered to watch the changing of the guard, and a woman then feeds pigeons in Trafalgar Square, watched by an off-duty soldier.  The film finishes showing Buckingham Palace.