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YFA 4943



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This is one of a collection of films of the family of Queensbury doctor Dr Allan Glenn at home (Innisfree) in Queensbury and Little Horton, and on holiday, in the 1940s.  This is a film of the family partying at Christmas and visiting Bath.

(Col.)  The film begins indoors at a Christmas party, with a family gathered in a sitting room.  The all are wearing silly hand-made hats.  There is a lot of play-acting and posing for the camera. The boy stands in front of the tree wearing an artificial moustache.  The pet dog, Laddie, sits on the window sill, and the pet parrot can also be seen. 

The film then switches to the garden in the sunshine, and a boy and a girl come out of the house wearing fancy dress: the boy as a cavalier, the girl in a white dress. 

The next scene shows the family seated in the front of their hotel, before briefly returning to the boy in the garden

(B&W)  The film switches to show Bath Abbey and the Pultenay Bridge and weir, before coming to an end.