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YFA 4937



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This is one of a collection of films of the family of Queensbury doctor Dr Allan Glenn at home (Innisfree) in Queensbury and Little Horton, and on holiday, in the 1940s.  This film includes visits to Ponden Reservoir, near Haworth, Ripon and Aldborough.

(B&W) The film begins at a railway station where wedding guests are seeing off some newlyweds as they board a train.  They write on the windows of the train, and there is much joking.

The film then switches to a busy docks and then again to a large house, possibly in Oxenhope. In the garden a boy plays with two dogs, while other members of the family, two women and two men, sit and relax on deckchairs and on the lawn.  They have a playful game of croquet.  The film switches again to a waterfall, and a coastline.

Intertitle – Ballyholme

People are sitting in deckchairs on a busy beach, while others are in the sea.  A schoolboy stands near the sea with a dog.  Then he is seen with two women and a man in army uniform walking along a country lane, showing some of the surrounding landscape.

Intertitle – Ponden Reservoir Haworth.

The film looks down onto the reservoir and the area.  Again the boy is with a dog, out in a field.  Two women pose for the camera.  The older of them then poses again with an elderly man.  The same group of people are walking next to a river near a bridge.  There is a waterfall with a factory behind.  Peter Pan’s Pool and Playground are shown, with a speedway, near a coast, possibly Southport.  People are playing bowls.  Some people cross the road fronting the sea. 

The family are next at a park, with an aviary, feeding the birds.  Again they are walking along the river where they were before.  Again they are by a river, in a village, where the woman feeds swans.  There is a town with a church, having a clock tower.

The next scene is taken inside a house, where a woman has a pet bird in a cage (Gimme the parrot).  Then it switches to show a man stood by his car in front of a pier, possibly Albert Pearson.  He, along with a group of people, leaves what looks like a hotel, possibly at Southport. 

The streets are covered in snow, and the same church, possibly Holy Trinity Church Queensbury, near Bradford.  The snow is piled up high.  Back inside the house a bedroom is shown.

(Col.) A man comes out of a bungalow, followed by a woman holding a ginger cat.  (1948)

(B&W) Intertitle – Wye Valley

The valley is shown from above.

Intertitle – The Garden at Pinner

A man mows the grass in the back garden of a large house.  A woman stands by the back door, while a younger woman reclines on a deckchair, covered in a blanket, together with two other women.  There is also a scene of fields of crops in Kent.

Intertitle – Ripon and Aldborough

The back streets around Ripon Cathedral are shown before the family car is parked by a field in Aldeborough.  The film then switches to show Micklegate Bar in York, and a group of some alms houses.  Two girls sit next to a monument and we see one of the colleges in Cambridge.(1945).  The film switches to Cheddar Gorge and Goughs Cave.

The film switches again to show two bridesmaids, followed by the bride, coming out of a house (Australia), with her mother and father.  The bride gets into a car, with photographers taking photos.  She is then seen coming out of a church with her husband.  And into an awaiting car, watched by the guests and bridesmaids (one of which being Marie).  The film finishes with guests arriving at the reception.