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YFA 4940



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This is one of a collection of films of the family of Queensbury doctor Dr Allan Glenn at home (Innisfree) in Queensbury and Little Horton, and on holiday, in the 1940s.  This film includes visits to London and Stonehenge, and Queensbury covered in snow in the winter of 1947.

(Col.) (1948) The film begins with a woman paddling on the edge of a beach looking out at a boat at sea.  The boat comes in, a sea rescue boat, and people gather around on the beach.  Then there are two children with riding hats on a seafront hotel veranda with Laddie, their black dog, along with a large family group sat in chairs.  The film switches to show a country road and the surrounding countryside, with the trees turning to autumnal colours.

The next scene shows how ‘to overcome parallax on a Kodak model ‘B’’.  Some objects, flowers etc., are set at distances of 3 feet and 30 inches and 8 inches.  There is a close up of an elderly man stood in front of a greenhouse.  He then sits on a park bench with a small dog at his feet in a longer view.  A broach gradually comes into focus.

(B&W) (1945-1947)  The film returns to the family days out showing a Tudor looking pub, ‘Coach and Horses’, on the corner of Burton Lane (now Street), in Mayfair, with two women walking past.  There is a Westminster City Council sign for a car park in Berkeley Square.  

Intertitle – London, Berkeley Square

The Square is shown.

Intertitle – The Serpentine

The Serpentine is shown, with a woman feeding birds in Hyde Park near Marble Arch.

Intertitle – Rotten Row

A couple pass by on horseback on the bridle track in Hyde Park.

Intertitle –Hyde Park Corner

Cars and buses pass by at the busy junction.

Intertitle – Park Lane

Again cars and buses, as well as pedestrians, pass along Park Lane.

Intertitle – Pinner

Women shoppers walk along the busy High Street in Pinner, a London suburb.  A coal lorry parked is at the side of the road.  Some of the women shoppers have prams, others are on bicycles.  There is a bus terminus nearby.  Then there is a close up of Tudor tea rooms, next to the store of H. Kingham & Sons.  Three women cross the road.

Intertitle – King’s Cross Station

The front of the Station is shown, and people walking around inside.

Intertitle – Train Journey

Part of train journey is filmed, passing industrial areas and fields.

Intertitle – Queensbury.  Towards Thornton.

There is a panoramic view over the area.

Intertitle – Dartmouth

There is a view over the estuary with many boats and ships.

Intertitle – Torquay

Again there is a view of the bay with boats and also a view of the cliffs and sea higher up, with a man and a woman on a cliff top road.

Intertitle – Winchester Cathedral

The film shows close-ups of the walls of the Cathedral at the back and sides.

Intertitle – Corfe Castle

The Castle is shown from below in a street with old houses.

Intertitle – Lulworth Cove

A group of people are stood at the top of the Cove looking down.  Many cars are parked in the Cove.

Intertitle – In the New Forest

There is a brief film of a drive through the New Forest, filmed from the front of the car.

Intertitle – Storm cloud over Stonehenge

A few people walk around Stonehenge with a dark overcast sky.  Some women seem to be taking notes.  Children run about and play on the stones.  

Intertitle – Cardiff Civic Buildings

A Woman in glasses, possibly Mrs Robertshaw and a vicar stand in front of Cardiff City Hall, and walk around the gardens.  The woman walks towards the cameraman with an older man, possibly her father.  They then visit the castle.

Intertitle – Tintern Abbey

The Abbey and surrounding land is filmed from the road.

Intertitle – Contrast.  Gloucester and . . .

There is a panorama of countryside, seeing far into the distance.

Intertitle – Derbyshire

There is another panorama of the countryside, this time more hilly and rugged.

Intertitle – Doveholes

Again, there is another panorama of the countryside.

Intertitle – Buckhaw Brow

This too is shown as a panorama.  A lorry of milk passes by.

Intertitle – Over Yeadon

A light aircraft (G-AFEH) stands in an airfield.  Two women board and it takes off.  The flight is filmed from on board, looking down at the countryside, and the plane comes in to land. 

Intertitle – Queensbury.

Again, there is a panoramic view over countryside from high up.  Then the film switches to a beach, with children paddling in the sea with a black dog, Laddie, possibly at Southport.  A jeep drives through the water. 

The film then switches again to show someone shovelling snow from a car.  Two boys stand in the deep snow watching, one of the Allan Glenn's nephew, Frank Robertshaw.  The streets and buildings are covered in deep snow, possibly at Queensbury.  After the snow has gone, the film finishes showing two black cats in a lane.