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An amateur film made by Maurice Clyde showing the design and construction of the Doxford 'J' Engine which was a 9 cylinder, 20,000 brake horsepower engine made at the Doxford Engine Works in Sunderland between 1962 and 1964. The film also features the construction and launching of the tanker North Sands from J.L. Thompsons yard at North Sands in Sunderland on the 3rd May 1965. Following the launch, the films shows the installation of new engine into the tanker. The film ends with the fully fitted out tanker leaving the Tyne in November 1965.

Title: Doxford 'J' Engine

The film opens on a model of the Doxford 'J' Engine in operation. Percy Jackson, an Engineer at Doxford famous for having two marine engines named after him; the 'G' and 'J' type engines, comes out of an office building and walks towards his car. At the bottom of a set of stairs a presentation is being made to a man watched by a small crowd.

There is a view of the entrance to William Doxford and Sons yard in Sunderland. In an open plan Drawing Office men work at their drawing boards. In a large workshop men work with heavy machinery and an overhead crane constructing cylinder liners. In the Crank Shaft Shop, a crank shaft is moved into position by crane where workmen carefully manoeuvre it into position.

The film cuts to show a new test bed specially constructed for this new engine; 140ft long by 30ft wide. Overhead view of two men standing in the test bed. There are views of men working on the conctruction of the engine as it slowly takes shape. A giant ship's propeller is laid out on the floor beside the engine. With its completion the engine is tested, a large vent leading outside for the diesel fumes.

On the River Wear a collier steams past a number of cranes and shipyards on the far bank. Men work on the superstructure of a new tanker, the North Sands under construction at J.L Thompsons shipyard, North Sands, Sunderland. A large crane moves a section of the new engine into position over the tanker and lowers it inside.

General views follow of the North Sands ready for launching on the slipways. A group of people stand on the launch platform while below men knock out the wooden supports. The tanker slowly slips into the river pulling on the drag chains.

Views of the tanker's deck and funnel. Inside, men work to install the new engine as well as a new type of remote control mechanism. Back on the deck, tugs and other boats can be seen on the water. A general view follows inside the tanker's bridge. A man in the engine room speaks on a phone.

The North Sands is moored alongside another tanker; the British Commerce, on the River Tyne, ready to have its hull cleaned and painted. The moorings are then released and the North Sands is escorted by tugboats out of the River Tyne and into the North Sea.

Title: The End