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A film produced by Denvia Video showing the dismantling of the Doxford 670 Experimental P Engine at South Tyneside Marine College in South Shields between October 2006 and April 2007.

Title: This video is issued under a Mechanical Copyright Protection Service Licence. Licence No: LM 0002886. Copying this disc may result in prosecution. Copyright Denvia Video 2008

Title: The Doxford Experimental Engine

Title: 4th October 2006

The film begins with the Doxford Experimental Engine running for the last time at the South Tyneside Marine College before being turned off.

8mm footage shows the arrival of the engine at the college on 1966 and it being installed by staff and cadets of the college. Back in 2006 engineers work to dismantle the engine and a large crane is brought in to move some of the larger sections loading them onto a flat-bed lorry.

Title: 3rd April 2007

The film ends with views of the empty test bed after the dismantling intercut with footage from the amateur film of the empty test bed before installations.

Title: The end

End Credit: A Denvia Video Production

End Credit: The producer would like to thank Gary Hindmarch, Head of Marine College and Ron Crossley, ex-staff for their assistance in the making of this video.