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YFA 3694



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This is a film made by Brian Doughty of his family,

This film shows houses and other buildings in some fields, and then a boy laid out on a lido in the sea and a boat. Then some children, including Zo?, have a ride on a camel on the beach. A helicopter lifts someone aboard just out to sea. Some men arrive on a powered dinghy.

Again to a custom made car show featuring VW Beetles, some vintage cars perform stunt driving on some tarmac and driving on the public roads before there is a big balloon being inflated - possibly the Rotherham Tattoo. An old aircraft flies overhead dropping parachuters. This is followed by a display of military men on horseback and on motorcycles. Then the Humber Bridge is filmed from the ground and from a moving car as it drives over it.

In the final portion of the film, a bride (Angela) moves off in an open top red vintage car. It arrives at the church, and the married couple and guests are shown - Zo? is a bridesmaid. The married couple drive off and Zo? is shown still in her bridesmaid dress in her garden.