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YFA 3693



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This is a film made by Brian Doughty of his family. The film includes footage of a Sunday School parade, a VW Beetle show, Rotherham Tattoo, and a wedding.

The film begins with a white rabbit, before going on to four young girls playing and dancing in a garden. One of the girls (Zo?) plays at being Long John Silver, and she is joined by a boy who gives her a gun.

Next is a procession. It is led by a Quaker float and followed by a Sunday School parade - led by a Boy's Brigade marching band. Many floats follow, having religious and human rights themes. Some portray historical scenes, such as slavery, with a girl's marching band wearing blue uniforms coming next. Two small girls are dressed as pilgrims. One float, a lorry, with the words 'How blest are the peacemakers' on the side, has some children play acting a peace meeting being filmed. Other floats enact stories from the Gospels.

In the next portion of the film, Zo? is standing on a swing and wearing an uniformed cap. She is followed by a boy on the same swing in boy's brigade uniform. He gets off and walks past a shiny red VW Beetle K reg (1972). Zo? is next seen hopping in a field and then cleaning the VW. Then Zo? is with other members of her family walking along the River Ouse in York. Skeldergate Bridge is in the background.

Two young children in wet weather gear are fishing in a canal by a lock. Next to it is a camp site and a green VW Beetle. Then in a field Zo? and two boys play football and have a mock fight. This is followed by the three of them by the canal with Zo? looking through some binoculars, and the two boys sitting on a bench with two adults looking at some ducks and a swan. They are then filmed on a cart which is being pulled by a horse. The film closes with Zo? and some boys playing in a small paddling pool.