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YFA 1466



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This is a film made and narrated by a member of the Dortmund Schmalfilm Klub, Mannfred, marking the 10th anniversary of the twin partnership between Dortmund and Leeds. The film includes a five day visit to Leeds by 650 citizens from Dortmund.

Titles: The Visit in Leeds
Ein Film Des "DSK"

The titles are made against the background of a combined flag of Germany and the Union Jack. The film starts in an airplane flying high over clouds. On the ground, the passengers disembark and the filmmaker, Mannfred, is cleaning the windows of the coach used to take the visitors from Dortmund to Leeds. They pass along the Thames opposite the Houses of Parliament and over Tower Bridge on a dull September morning. On the coach up the motorway the musicians of the Jazz Revival Band play cards. The scene is interspersed by film of a London bus, a No. 30 bound for Hackney. In Leeds they tour the City Hall and other city buildings.