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YFA 1494



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Made by members of the Leeds Cine Club (later Leeds Movie Makers), this is a short fiction film about a woman who becomes trapped in a brick farm building.

Title: 'Leeds Cine Club Presents . . The Door - Starring Tania Pozzana with Jim and Joan Payne'
'Production: Gary Fildes, Paul Pozzana, Doreen Wood, Arthur Steeles, Mary Steeles

On a blustery day, a woman walks across a field taking refuge in a brick building storing timber. To the accompaniment of music from Wagner's Ring, she wanders around, and on leaving, finds that the door is stuck. Using a piece of timber, she attempts to free it but to no avail. She scares herself by seeing her reflection in a mirror. The woman paces up and down and tries again the door. As she sits down disconsolate, the music changes to something more jazzy and upbeat. It is the radio in a car in which a man and a woman turn up at the building. The woman frantically bangs on the door, but they do not hear her. Seemingly scared off by some cows, they drive off leaving the woman behind and back to the Ring.

The End