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YFA 5761



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This is a comical film made by Doug and Norah Brear of Wakefield Cine Club.  It tells the story of a husband who is left to fend for himself when his wife goes away.  Unfortunately for him, a series of mishaps ensue.

Opening titles – Amateur Movie Maker Top 8 Competition.  This film has been highly commended. 

A woman leaves her house.  She is carrying a suitcase, and says goodbye to her husband at the doorstep while handing him a sheet of instructions. 
Title – Chaseley Films Present
Title – Don’t Worry I’ll Manage

The husband gets into bed, and reads the list of instructions, including such things as locking up, setting the alarm clock, putting out the cat and paying the milkman.  He puts the sheet on to side and turns off the light.  When he wakes he realises that he is late.  He gets up and goes downstairs and puts the kettle on.  He goes back upstairs to have a shave.  As he is shaving he hears the kettle boiling over so he dashes back down and puts the water into the tea pot.  As he goes to fry an egg it falls into his shoe, but he tips the broken egg into the frying pan anyway.  He sits to have breakfast but finds that the egg is inedible, and that there was no tea in the tea pot.  Looking at the clock he rushes out of the house and waves at two women passing, who give him a funny look in return. He looks down and notices that he hasn’t put his trousers on.  He then discovers that he has locked himself out and has to smash a window to get back in.  He re-emerges and places the milk bottle on a shelf, which it then falls off and smashes.  He runs down the road to Monkhill railway Station only to find it locked.  On the door is a poster stating, “Closed on Sundays.”

Title – This is the end.