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NEFA 13201



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Short sponsored film by Turners Film Productions about preserving the history of coal in the Washington area. The film contains a lot of footage inside the old colliery which is now part of the 'F' Pit Museum. The film is narrated by Geordie folk singer Alex Glasgow.

A fire burns in an old black metal stove. The title sequence plays:

Title: Don't Forget

Title: Narrated by Alex Glasgow

The film begins with a view over large green fields where crowds are gathered, and steam powered vehicles manoeuvre. Large tents litter the backdrop. Men, women and children are riding on the back of a small lorry which has 'Dobson Edinburgh' labelled on the side. They look towards the camera as the lorry passes by on the grass.

People are watching the steam vehicles around the field. A father and child are by one of the steam engine's wheels. A group of children are tugging on a long rope attached to a steam engine, which they are slowly dragging across the grass field. Stationary steam engine; two men are standing by the controls. One of the engineers is speaking to someone.

A statue of a colliery big wheel is in the foreground, with a housing estate in the background. Varying shots of old coal collieries in the Washington area. Coal miners are leaving a lift which has just arrived from the pits; they have black dirt on their faces and are wearing white helmets. Another set of coal miners leave a small building.

General view of the pithead next to the colliery, with the housing encircling it, shot between the winding wheels for the lifts as they are turning. From the ground level, a small train pulls into a lower level of the winding house on tracks. The camera tilts up to show the steam winding gear inside the winding house.

A park is situated nearby where two men are planting a tree with one fastening it to a wooden brace.

View of the pithead from a distance with a grassy field in the foreground, the town in the background. Closing in to another shot of the pithead which has now been removed.

General view of an old abandoned row of derelict housing with boaded-up windows. A red bus approaches on the corner and travels by. Young children hang around in the streets and backyards near their homes; a group of women walk by with bag of chips in hand.

Inside the colliery winding house, the winding gear spins. Outside, the winding wheels draw cables from the depth of the mine. Inside the winding house there are different views of the winding engine and the different components that make up the engine. A winding engineer is seen adjusting a lever. Views of the equipment and mechanics at work.

Title: For Washington Development Corporation [over view of a stove]