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YFA 4111



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Made in 1941, this film is comprised of a collection of shots of various mayoral duties being carried out by the Mayor during Doncaster War Week. Included in the footage are the Mayoress, the Central Committee, the Coronation Road Group, and the Alderson Drive Group, and a woman handing out ration books to residents.

Title-Doncaster War Week

Title-The Mayor and Mayoress.

There is a shot of the Mayor and Mayoress posing with their medals of office.

Title-The Central Committee

A row of men and women stand outside a large stone building, occasionally talking to each other, and the camera then focuses in on two of the men.

Title-Opening Day Friday 7th February 1941.

A procession of men in various uniforms, hats and medals of office make their way down a road.

Title-The Cashometre at the Corn Exchange.

A large poster with images of ships is up on the side of a brick building; it says `every £333,000 buys a Destroyer, our aim £1,000 this week'.

The Mayor and some other men stand outside on some steps and pose for the camera.


The Mayor poses beside two soldiers and then all three walk towards another soldier and salute. They are introduced to a large regiment of soldiers that are waiting in formation.

Title-Home Guard Parade.

A long procession of soldiers in formation walk along a road lined with spectators.

Title-March Past of Home Guard

Title-The Mayor's Procession.

A very long procession of soldiers and sailors march down a road.

Title-The Countess of Wharncliffe Women's' Day.

A group of men and women gather on some steps and pose and then two of the women shake hands.

Title-The £500,000 mark.

Another shot of the poster on the side of the brick building.

The Mayor, his wife and some other people pose again on the steps. Next scene is a photocall, again with the Mayor and Mayoress and others. The Mayor holds out a Midland Bank Limited cheque and poses with it.

Title-Children's Day.

Title-The Earl Fitzwilliam K.G Industry Day.

Title-Selling Centre Activities.

Title-Coronation Road Group.

A woman hands out ration books to women and children gathered on a street.

Title-Alderson Drive Group.

A man reads from a page to a group of women gathered on a residential street.

The film closes as a group of men process down a road. Some of them exit the doors at Doncaster Cathedral.