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YFA 4499



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This film was used for surveillance purposes by South Yorkshire police and covers a workers strike in Doncaster. The filmmaker captures the event from a single position above the council offices, where the strike takes place on the forecourt. The strike was largely peaceful, except for a minor incident involving a television cameraman.

The film opens in Doncaster with views of a council building, where, on the forecourt, a crowd are starting to gather. Police form a line blocking the demonstrators, allowing some workers to walk unimpeded into the premises. Once the workers have made it inside, the protesters, which also contain a large number of women, continue to wait patiently on the forecourt. The next shot shows the crowd have grown and several people are escorted through the crowd by policeman. A TV cameraman is then accosted by several of the strikers, and a large crowd then form around a policeman.

More people cross the forecourt to join the strike, which is presently sedate; strikers and policemen stand around talking amicably and there is then a brief shot of the high rise council building. The crowd forms a line which runs diagonally across the forecourt, leading up to the building entrance, and the policemen step in to try and organise the situation. Workers (escorted by policeman) walk through the line of protesters, who are undoubtedly hurling abuse at the workers, and a man tries to angle his stills camera above the crowds for a photo. Another man with a stills camera is then lead away by a policeman, before the crowd swarm around the building entrance.

A senior officer is then captured by the filmmaker as he walks away from the demonstration, holding a megaphone. The crowd then begin to shove a professional TV cameraman, who is backed into a corner as the police try to protect him. The camera man heads inside the council offices with police forming a defensive wall outside the entrance. The film ends with the officers still holding the line as workers continue to head into the building while the strikers watch.