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YFA 14



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This film features a wedding in Doncaster and also includes scenes of parks and people at play.

The film opens with a main street in Doncaster where various modes of transportation are visible. This is followed by scenes of Sandall Beats Public Park. There is a sign warning against damaging the trees or flowers, and those who do will be prosecuted. This is by order of W. Bagshaw. There are shots of the gardens as well as a car with a dog hanging out of the window.

Next in "The Dell", another local park, the bride takes a turn around the park. There are also children playing near some large plants and a small fountain. There are shots of the gazebo and other buildings in the park, and there are children who play on a 'witch's hat' and slide.

There is a brief scene of a woman walking down steps covered in snow.

In the next portion of the film, the wedding cars arrive at the church. Various guests get out of the cars, and the filmmaker captures those attending the wedding all dressed in good examples of fashions of the time. The bride then arrives and enters the church. After the ceremony, guests exit the church, and they are followed by the newlyweds who pose briefly outside the church. The car then takes them to the reception where they get out covered in confetti.