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YFA 6317



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The short amateur film by Walter Gill and a friend records a walk in Hartlepool with a friend of the Gill family.

Title: With Don In Hartlepool

The film opens with a couple standing next to a green Citroen 2CV. The man is putting on a jumper he's just taken from the boot.

The group walk around the Headland in Hartlepool, including Don and Margaret Gill. Margaret and Don walk through Sandwell Gate onto the beach. A group of young girls gather on the beach. The two walk past the camera, St Hilda's church in the distance.

Some teenagers tend to their fishing rods, seated on the breakwater.

Walter and Maragert Gill are on the breakwater chatting, his arm around her shoulder, pointing out something.

A small crab is filmed on the ground.

Margaret and Don walk back along the breakwater where young boys are grappling with their fishing rods.