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NEFA 21487



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An amateur film made by Jim Purcell begins with a visit by a delegation from Jarrow’s twinned town Epinay-sur-Seine to see a decorative flower bed followed by the beach at South Shields. The film changes to show a number of empty roads possibly leading to the entrance of the Tyne Tunnel shortly before the arrival of Queen Elizabeth II to official open it on the 19th October 1967. The final part of the film shows two young men apparently playing up to the camera.

The film begins showing a decorative flowerbed that reads ‘Jarrow-Twin Town- Epinay’. A group of six men walk about looking at the decorative flowerbeds, while a man in the background takes photographs. The film changes to the beach at South Shields and views of Marsden Rock. Standing nearby on a decked area stand the group seen previously chatting.

The film cuts to show an empty road lit up by overhead lights, the road surface appears wet.  A car drives past and the film cuts to show a road sign for a roundabout pointing towards Hebburn and South Shields.

General views follow of a concrete bridge going over a road is followed by a view of a decorative raised platform. A large marquee has been constructed in the near distance.

Queen Elizabeth gives a speech from the platform before stepping down. Standing nearby is a line of dignitaries waiting to meet the Queen. The Royal Standard flies from a flag pole.

Soldiers from the 1st Battalion of the Northumberland Fusiliers march past a covered stand, one soldier is carrying the Royal Standard.

The film cuts to show a car driving around a roundabout. Along an empty stretch of road a yellow van turns and drives away past a car that is parked across the road.

[Dark] The film ends on views of two young men playing up to the camera beside a modern building.