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YFA 2009



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This is a promotional film made by Brook Motors of Huddersfield. In this dramatization, the famous inventor, Michael Faraday, has come back to life and is given a tour of the works, highlighting the production process at the Brook Motor plant.

Titles: 'Brook Motors Ltd. Huddersfield, England, Presents' 'Distinguished Company'
'Educare, Productions, Public education films, 78 Elm Park Court, Pinner, Middlesex'
Cast: Michael Faraday - Charles Mason; John Grainger ?- Charles Rolfe; Mrs Grainger - Mary Norton
Produced by A W Dodds; Script - Hugh A Andrews; Direction - Aveling Giniver; Photography - S D Onions Continuity - Sylvia Laurence-Jones: Editing - Nellie Alden
Western Electric

The opening title sequence has dramatic musical accompaniment to a brook running down a hillside. This is followed by terraced housing and a view over a smoky industrial skyline while steam trains pass by. A man stops to look at a poster announcing: a lecture about Michael Faraday's life and work, Wed. 25 January, to be held in the John Tate Technical Institute and to be given by John Grainger.

At home Grainger and his wife discuss the lecture he has given, and Grainger wishes he had met Faraday. Falling asleep in the chair, a bust of Faraday becomes blurred, and then Faraday stands before him. The man is uncertain whether he is dreaming. Faraday asks what society has done with his discovery, and Grainger says that things have moved on, showing him an electric fire and lighting.

Grainger offers to show Faraday his works, which he explains as a place for the manufacturing of electric motors. Faraday recalls a Mr Jacoby who attached motors to boats. They instantly find themselves walking through a series of automatic sliding doors, and they step into the factory which is in full production. While Grainger tells of the electric motors produced there, with the focus on making AC motors, the camera pans over the factory floor, showing workers and machines. They wander through the factory and see rows of women assembling motors, press machines and arc welders.

Faraday marvels at the advanced technology while Mr Grainger explains the new applications of electricity, such as the electric arc welder. They continue walking through the factory as Mr Grainger explains each stage of the process, including how women make the windings of copper wire. As well as the production, Mr Grainger also makes reference to time and motion study. He explains how the copper wire is processed using infra-red rays. Faraday states that this was influenced by an old friend of his, Sir John Hershaw, with whom he served on a Sub Committee of the Royal Society in 1828. They move on to see rotors being assembled and then watch as a motor is dynamically balanced by the adding of weights. The motor covers pass along an assembly line and are put together, followed by the name plates being attached, for a completed motor. Faraday expresses how impressed he is; Grainger replies that the small motors he has seen being assembled are only one of a large range of products. They then walk off, and the film comes to an end.

Closing caption: 'You have just been given a survey of the manufacturing process covering a Cub Motor. It is taken from a film covering the whole range of our Alternating Current Induction Motors. Requests for the complete film should be made to the Publicity Department, Brook Motors Ltd., Huddersfield.