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YFA 342



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Made by Charles Chislett, this is a film of a party held for staff members of William Deacon's Bank in Rotherham, where Chislett was manager. The party is held in the garden of his house. It shows the staff and children playing many outdoor games.

The film begins with children playing on a slide in Chislett's garden. The children are also playing on other rides, including a see-saw, a small hand propelled two seat roundabout and swings. Some are on bicycles, and some are being pushed on toys on wheels. One little girl is reluctant to go down the slide. As the children play, mothers, in their summer dresses, sit and chat by the house or play games with the children. An upturned small bench becomes a makeshift swing. Some boys play tennis with wooden bats, and there is a game of throwing a ring at a numbered board. Other games include croquet and miniature golf. A lively little girl in a red dress is often at the centre of attention. A small group of girls perform gymnastics such as cartwheels across the grass, and a man holds a toddler in his arms bouncing it up and down. The film closes as they continue to play.