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YFA 799



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This is part of the Kathleen Lockwood collection and captures the hard work that a man with a walking disability puts into looking after his large garden. There are shot of him pruning trees and grape plants and eventually picking the ripe grapes from his greenhouse.


A few walking sticks are piled up against the wall of the house.


Gardening tools are stacked up against a wall.


There is a shot of a bunch of grapes on a plate and this is followed by a man putting a mat on the ground in a flowerbed, sitting down and digging out the weeds. He does everything from his sitting position.

He then moves onto another section where he turns the soil with a hoe. He pulls a small cart along and puts weeds into it and then limps off to another section of the garden which is full of blooming flowers.

He empties soil from his trolley onto one of the flowerbeds and then pours a white power on top. There is a shot of the stone house from the end of the garden. The man comes out of the house and begins to trims the edges of the lawn with long handled clippers.

He limps down the paths to the various parts of the garden and neatens the flower bed borders. In the greenhouse, he uses a ladder to prune grape vines that grow across the glass roof. He also uses a long instrument to prune the trees outdoors. There are long sequences of shots of him carrying out various jobs around the garden.

Title-Clough House, Merrydale.

There is a shot from the back of a house and two children come out of the house and walk down to the garden. The gardener is now working on a large, multi-level rockery. He moves a large stone up the garden to add to the wall. He does this by shuffling along on his cushion and flipping the stone.

Title-St Helens Gate.

The last sequence begins in the greenhouse where the man picks bunches of home grown grapes. The film closes with shots of the man raking up leaves, pruning the trees and tidying the garden.