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Made by Eric Hall, this film includes scenes taken of Shipley, West Yorkshire during the early 1950s. Included is footage of the Market Day, the facilities connected with Salt's Mill, and the 1950 Remembrance Day Parade.

Title - Dirty Shipley Filmed by J Eric Hall Scenes in and around Shipley

Street sign "Shipley".

The film begins with external shots of a manor house and the gardens. A gardener waters the lawn with a hose pipe. A church tower is seen through tall threes within the garden. People walk through town streets and looking in shop windows, such as "Althams" and "Direct Tailors".

Title - Market Day

Crowds of mainly women look around the market stalls. A woman on a stall is trimming vegetables to sell. Women shoppers look and touch items on a fabric stall.

Title - Sylvan Glades - Hirst Wood

From inside the garden of a white house, there is much countryside surrounding the property including hills, woodland and a river.

Title - In land water way

A lock and bridge over the river is surrounded by woodland. A canal boat passes through the open lock. A weir runs into the canal. A bridge over the canal connects industrial buildings on opposite sides of the canal.

Title "Grand Canyon" Windhill

Views of the cliffs.

Title - The Salt High School and Victoria Hall

Students gather outside the school buildings. External shots of the school show the architectural design including a statue of a lion.

Title - Salt's Playing Fields

A garden with various flowers and trees lead to a set of stone steps.

Title - the Aire hurries on to the sea

A family stand on the banks of the full river Aire. A pedestrian bridge over the river connects one part of the town to the other. The river continues through the countryside until reaching a factory on the river banks. A monument mounted with a clock situated in a public park surrounded by trees.

Title - Roberts Park

Park gardens lead up to a statue next to lawns.

Title - The Glen

Woodlands surround many country buildings.

Title - Shipley Sea and Army Cadets 1950 The Navy

Commanding officers speak to each other as the cadets prepare themselves for the drill and smarten their uniforms. The cadets form themselves into several lines and measure the distance between each other by stretching out their arms to the side. The commanding officer stands on the top of a high platform to address the cadets. As the cadets raise the flags another cadet plays the horn. The commanding officer gives a speech to the cadets who have their heads bowed when he speaks. The cadets salute the commanding officer before he walks among them in the uniform inspection. Three cadets stand in front of the officer as they take part in a gun drill.

Title - The Army

A young cadet leader gives orders to the other cadets to march and practice standing to attention. The commanding officers talk to one another. In ranks, a cadet salutes the leader before marching into the barn behind the group. Two commanding officers talk over military papers together. Cadets march together in a drill.

The cadets pick up musical instruments such as drums, horns and symbols. The cadets play their instruments standing to attention before marching together as they play.

Title - Remembrance Day Parade at Shipley 1950

The Mayor stands among crowds and speaks to photographers and journalists. Army and navy officers and cadets prepare themselves for the ceremony. A man holds a flag for the foreign legion while other men hold poppy wreaths. The Mayor lays his wreath on the memorial first followed by other army and navy officers. The memorial filled with poppy wreaths. Cadets march along the road followed by cadets marching playing drums.

Title - Civic Sunday 1951

Cadets follow leaders in march followed by the mayor as they pass a band playing next to the parade route. A crowd of men in suits and bowler hats follow the march into the church yard. Four choir boys walk through the back door into the church wearing robes.

Title - Geoffrey Hirst MP

Geoffrey stands in the centre of people talking in the crowds.

Title - Chairman of Shipley UDC Our Bert Richardson

Chairman walks past the church building. Men and women shake hands with each other in the church yard.

Title - Feb 1952 Proclaiming the Queen

Crowds of people are gathered outside a building in front of the Mayor and other officials standing on the steps. The Mayor gives speech to the crowd.

Title - The Green Belt

Countryside views of woodland, fields and hills with houses in the distance.

Title - A few Picturesque Houses

A country manor house is hidden in trees in the countryside landscape. There are a variety of stone houses in the local village.

Title - Northcliffe

Iron gates in front of building or park. Two men walk down the street past flower beds and lawns by the side of the road.

Title - The End