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YFA 1940



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Made by Bradford Institute of Technology, this is a film about their course in electrical engineering.  It provides a detailed breakdown of the course, integrating study at the college with placements in industry.

Title – The Bradford Institute of Technology presents Diploma in Technology in Electrical Engineering

The film begins showing electricity being generated in a laboratory, followed by power lines leading to power station.  The turbine hall is featured as well as electricity generating equipment. The narrator discusses how electricity affects our lives as newspaper pages are turned, showing job adverts for the electrical industry.

Showing a copy of the prospectus for the new course for the Diploma in Technology, the course is described.  The first 6 months are spent in college, and students are shown studying in class and with tutors. They are then shown learning to use various pieces of equipment (one a galvanometer).  There are a number of classroom shots of other studies, such as mechanical engineering, geography, art appreciation and English.

The film switches to show the students’ accommodation at Tong Hall. The narrator points out many of the features of the Hall, including the sun dial over front door, the library and the lounge.  This is followed by graphical drawings of proposed new student accommodation buildings.

Intertitle – First period in industry

The narrator explains that students go on placement, and a student can be seen operating a lathe and other cutting machines at the factory of Electrical Engineering.   Returning to college, they use advanced equipment in a laboratory, and there are close-ups of various machines.

Intertitle – Second period in the Institute

Students move on to the advanced electrical technology laboratory, followed by the machine laboratory where they work on more machines. They then go on to the mechanical engineering department where they work on the strength of materials and thermodynamics.

Intertitle – Second period in the industry

At a Yorkshire Electricity Board sub-station, a student is earthing a transformer for maintenance.  There are also more students at a larger station.  A student goes into a Yorkshire Board building with a member of staff where he is seen at the control centre and then in the drawing office.

Intertitle – Third period in the Institute

Back at the Institute students work in the Measuring Laboratory and the High Voltage Laboratory, showing the flashover that occurs across an insulator when it rains.

The film switches to the student rag carnival, with decorated floats and fancy dress.  Non-academic student life is discussed, showing the sporting facilities at Wood Hall Sports Ground.  A football match is followed by hockey and cricket.

Intertitle – Third period in industry

The film shows the Reyrolle research station.  A student checks the operation of switchgear. There are more close-ups of switchgear and control equipment.  It then discusses the modernisation of railway signals and electrification, showing a diesel pulled train. 

Intertitle – Fourth period in the Institute

Now students work on their own project in the electronics laboratory.  Here various tests are being performed.  Following this, it is onto the advanced machines and power laboratory with close-ups of more equipment and students doing research.  Students are shown working on their projects under supervision.

In the Department of Industrial Administration, there is training in management, discussing the role of directors and works study.

Intertitle – Fourth period in industry

A manager shows how to operate a Marconi transmitter. There is work on colour television, showing a BBC test card, and radio telephones.

A student shakes hands with a tutor and leaves college. The film closes with a building site, where the new college building is being constructed, and there is a model showing how it will look.

Title - The End
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