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NEFA 17674



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Home movie footage by an amateur filmmaker that features the 1st Dinnington Scouts and guides groups in sports day celebrations at Dinnington, near Newcastle, concluding with an evening firework display. The film also records an open-air dramatic pageant in the grounds of a large country house estate, performed by women.

The first part of the film captures the scouts, guides and crowd at a sports day event. The camera pans along a line of senior scout leaders, young scouts, and children of various ages as they pose for a large group portrait in a village field.

There are close-ups of children milling around at the event, some look towards camera. A group of women in the middle of a crowd of children are dressed in fancy dress with various strange hats. They lark around and blow kazoos. One woman is dressed as a zebra crossing with beacon. Three women have ribbons tied around their hats and rosettes pinned to coats. A gentleman in the crowd walks past wearing a rosette. Two men peer into a tent. A scout leader walks past. A group of children line up for a race. Lines of adults watch from sideline. There is a close-up of two girls’ faces in the crowd of spectators.

Various shots record scout leaders and small groups of people at the event.

Two men hold up a tape finish line. Young boys race towards tape and winner leaps at it. There are various shots of the crowd gathered beside the track.

A scout leader walks toward camera smoking a cigarette. There is a close-up of a smartly dressed man who poses and smiles at camera, whilst the boys behind him grin. Next, we see girls racing towards the finishing line. A shot of the crowd follows. A crowd behind the starting line are excited. Children set off and race past camera. A man straddles a log. Two men take part in a sack fight astride the log. Children surround the contest and laugh uproariously.

Various portraits of women and a man at event, and of crowds including scouts and scout leader watching the sports events follow. A man in suit and bowler hat carrying stick shouts to a child. There are shots of groups of men, scouts and groups of women. A rear shot records a man with his arms around two women. A casual football match for boys is in progress. A small boy and girl pose in their fancy dress costumes. Two men, one in bowler hat and one in flat cap, pose for camera. A white tent is flying a flag: a close-up of the flag follows with motto “Be Prepared,” the Scouts insignia and the flag reads “1st Dinnington Village.” Shots of a group of children and a scout leader gathered at event. A white tent flies a Union Jack in the background.

A small girl jumps into a skipping rope game.

A woman smiles and rushes past camera. The same woman is seen with a rosette pinned to her cardigan.

At the end of the sports day a group of women, one holding a baby, walk up a rural lane towards camera. There are various shots outside the walls of a school decorated with shields and streamers. A wide village street lined with terraced houses is decorated with bunting.

[Note: Red toned film.]

Various shots record the flames of a bonfire at night, with the fire lighting up faces in the crowd at intervals. These include scouts and their leaders. A man stokes the bonfire.

[Black and white film.] This sequence opens with shots of the group of women (seen previously) in paper party hats. These include a woman dressed as a zebra crossing, complete with “stop” and “caution” sign, a beacon and a triangular warning sign pinned to her forehead. The camera pans down the line of women and they are laughing uproariously. Other figures appear in bizarre fancy dress: a Little Bo-Peep character, a man in whiteface clown make-up and Grimaldi costume. There are posed shots of individuals in a line up, probably for fancy dress contest There are close-ups of the women and the man made up as a clown, many laughing.

Next, there are close-ups of three young children and a view down the race track as young girls run towards the finishing line. Two women watch the race. A scout leader poses for the camera. Two teenage girls stand at the event with racing bikes. Various shots focus on individuals at the event.

The film cuts to a procession of girl guides through Dinnington, who gather by a car, then file past camera.

[Note: Colour film, a little faded] The following scenes record a women’s pageant, which takes place in the grounds of a large stately home, location unknown. A group of women, all dressed in white headdress and long robes, pose within formal grounds. Two loudspeakers can be seen to the rear of this circular gravel area. Various shots on a lawn feature women in costume dress. A group of women in suffragette costume carry a banner, which reads in part “Votes.” Two women pose for a photograph. Three women (men?) are wearing racial stereotype “blackface” make-up and are dressed in “mammy” costumes. One is carrying a gollywog, and another holds a “blacked-up” doll. They are grinning as they pose.

The camera pans along a line of women in costume, which includes the three people dressed in “mammy” costumes. The façade of a stately home can be seen in the background.

There are general views of groups of the people gathered in the grounds of the stately home. A large group of women in long white robes and headdress file past the camera. A small crowd are watching.

Next, a performance takes place on a raised stage, with one woman in costume seated on a throne. A woman makes a speech at an on-stage microphone. Another woman with a bouquet makes a speech. A group of women walk towards camera. A woman in everyday clothes stands on the lawn and is conducting music (off-screen.) The film cuts to a shot of a choir of women in long white robes. A woman plays an upright piano beside the choir, whilst a page turner stands by.

Various shots of the costumed women on the raised stage follow. A group of women perform a folk dance on stage. There is a general view of the assembled choir and conductress.

Two older women carry umbrellas. A woman walks quickly towards the camera, smiling. Women in light-coloured costumes are singing on stage in front of a suspended curtain. There is another shot of the performance. An actress performs a dramatic dance on stage.

A small group of women stand in the grounds with a swathe of cloth (banner?). On the stage, a group of women perform a folk dance. Four women characters in long, dark dresses with white bonnets and aprons walk slowly off stage. The “blackface” performers are on stage. There is a shot of the women’s choir.

Back on stage, a group of women carry a banner that reads “Votes For Women.” The film next focuses on the crowd’s faces. A further shot of the performers on stage follows. A woman walks to a music stand and takes a sheet of music. Another woman is playing the piano. Women and young girls in a variety of costumes file past in a procession from house to gardens; the costumes appear to represent different historical female roles. The costumed women include nurses, a woman in jodhpurs, a queen attended by maids, suffragettes. Some women carry an embroidered banner that reads “Dinnington Village.” The last members of the procession are the “blackface” performers.