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YFA 3321



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This is a film of Mr and Mrs Dickinson at home in Malton, attending the Remembrance Day Parade in York and visiting Whitby.

The film opens in the countryside next to the River Derwent near Malton, with boats on it, next to a field with cows. Mr and Mrs Dickinson are out picking blackberries. A goods train passes over the river followed by a passenger train, with planes flying overhead. Down by the docks people are out in canoes. The same scene is then filmed in winter, with snow and ice on the river.

The film then moves to York with Mrs Dickinson walking along the city walls, with the Minster in the background. The film shows horizons over the city at sunset, followed by a prolonged look at a spider. There is a fire near the river, with firemen struggling with the fire with lots of smoke.

Mrs Dickinson is filmed from various vantage points as she walks next to a ploughed field with farmers passing on a truck. She is then filmed in the street outside their house and then in front of the former Malton Grammar School. She continues walking around Malton and the surrounding area, petting some horses in a field.

The film switches to a Remembrance Day Parade led by a marching band. People gather on the grass around the War Memorial in the War Memorial Garden in York. Wreaths are laid, and the procession marches through the streets past Clifford Tower.

The film switches again to show an old farm and some interesting looking churches before returning to the River Ouse at York. Back at the family home an elderly woman is in a wheelchair with other members of the family in the garden on a summer's day, relaxing and playing with their black cat.

They then visit Whitby, including the Abbey; looking down onto the two piers as a ship of the Wilson Line comes in carrying timber, and gulls flying around the cliffs. They then visit a place with lots of donkeys, before descending the Church Steps onto Grape Lane and the Captain Cook Museum. Mrs Dickinson has an ice cream down on the docks before they drive off and the film comes to an end.